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Today I am going to put forward my experience with vega eyelash curler which I purchased about 3 months back from cosmetic store nearby my home. This is an essential eye tool that will allow you to flutter your flirty, perfectly curled lashes.. As far as eyelash curlers they are not so much important for Indian women because we are blessed with good lashes.

My lashes as I can see are not very straight or not so beautifully curled

 vega premium eye lash curler reviews+Eyelash curlers

As far as I read and used the curlers on myself I conclude various brand eye lash curlers are meant for various type of eyes i.e. deep set, not so deep, almond shaped etc. this one specifically I find good for our type which are mostly almond. 🙂

ee lash curler India+Curlers+Eyelash curlers

  • Price: INR 90 only 🙂
  • Packaging: It comes in this plastic package, so I can just place it upright on my dresser. Eyelash curlers have an awkward shape making it difficult to store, but with this box, it’s always easily accessible and protected.
  • What It Claims: Vega eyelash curler is the finest curler available, featuring extra sturdy construction and a smooth opening and closing action. With rounded curling pads, this eyelash curler will give an intense curl to leave you with flirtatious lashes.
  • How to use:Align the eye lash curler close to the lash line. Apply gentle pressure to the handles. Hold for 10 seconds then release. Repeat if necessary. If you want you can heat your eyelash curler with hair dryer. It will be easier for you to curl your eyelashes and they will stay that way longer.

eyelash curler

What I like about Vega Eye Lash Curler

vega product reviews+vega eye lash curlers

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The cushioned handles which make grip better and help in leveraging right amount of pressure while curling.
  • Rubber rims grip eye lashes gently without pulling or damaging them.
  • Price is pocket friendly.
  • Vega products are usually easily available at any cosmetic store.
  • Eye lashes stay curled for long hours.

What I do not like about Vega Eye Lash Curler

  • Doesn’t come with spare rubber curl pads.

Which is your favourite Eye lash curler ?

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  1. I have seen these and have heard alot about how gud they r as opposed to the older vega ones.. wish they’d have spare pads too though..

  2. No yaar even the local kirana shop in our society stocks vega brushes and even this curler. How cool is tat!!! I am sure they will start stocking cosmetics also if they knew the demand for it..Super cool these marwari kirana walas are..

      • verrrry hectic zee… took my maid shopping on saturday… she needed new clothes and i bargain hunted for her… lucky girl she is and found awesome deals… well, i snagged some too… sunday we went out for lunch and grocery shopping… weekend gaayab! how was yours….?

        you know what, last week i happened to see your pics on FB na, then friday, i was doing some work at office and realised that your hubby works in the same company as me! what a Coincidence!

        • wow! r u gud at brgain hunting?? i used to luv bargaining when i had the ;student’ tag…but now no1 seems t listen to me! 🙁 🙁 kuch tippany do na.. 😉

          is it?? thats cool yaar! hav u worked at pune anytime?

          • i only do bargain hunting! 🙂 picked up a cotton silk kurta for 180 bucks from a street vendor… can you beat that??? now i am feeling terrible that i got only one shade of it…. wanna go and get all the available ones… hee hee 🙂 arre, go shopping on your own and check out the bargains na… pune has this place near the university where all the college students lock… fc road or something? you must have gone there… my cousin sang huge praises of that place… i have never worked at pune but we used to go there often…. osho ashram ke bahar shoes waala stalls were a must visit! happy memories… sigh!

  3. I have the basicare one from healthkart. I saw so many tutorials but can never get it right :sweat: …..instead of a soft curl, my super straight lashes get in bent it them :bangbang: :bangbang: …it became L shaped rather than C :-(( :bangbang: :-(( :bangbang: :-((

    • Oh! thats bad ya..that usually happens when the curler isnt the right one for very first curler was the basic one from vega and it was also used t make my lashes stand up at 90degrees….but ive realised that its all about the curler….try switchin gto another one..

      • yes yes 90degrees….. :bangbang: :bangbang:

        all the time I was thinking I am doing something wrong….i will surely change now…which one are you using????? don’t want to collect too many and use none :nono:

        • i use the oriflame one. But if u have trouble getting a rep, then try Faces…A has told me lots of gud stuff bout those too 🙂

    • na-na tups..its doesnt hurt at all…maybe the first few times till u learn from where to start…warna the best thing is that u have total control fo the machine which is the most impt thing to remember…so the min u feel a bit uncomfy u can relieve the pressure on the curler and readjust..

  4. The first time I saw a cousin use an eyelash curler…my jaw almost dropped to the ground..i was a 20 year old kid then… :laugh: I really wamt to try eyelash curler now…will get this one only..

  5. I had been afraid to use an eye lash curler that they will break or cause thinning of eye lash,but after reading all these comments i am definitely going to buy it :p

  6. I have Body Shop one and it does a decent job, I use it daily. You can also apply a coat of mascara and then curl the lashes, apply another coat on top. This ensures long lasting effect but the curler needs to be cleaned properly after this. I use eye-makeup remover for this.


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