Best Way To Get Rid Of Scars From Legs


By Meenu ,

Best solution to get rid of scars

I have too many big ugly scars of mosquito bite on my both legs. These are my childhood marks when my legs were used to be full of mosquito bites every year in rainy season.  Because of these marks I can’t wear short dresses, skirts or shorts outside. So friends please help me here I really need to get rid of these ugly marks. Please suggest me any sure-shot home remedy, cream, ointment, pack , anything that works.   A big thanks to all of you…


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  1. hey..
    U can apply nomarks cream or garnier night with peel away action.
    It has worked for me. The tan on my arms is fading away 😀
    I apply the garnier cream fully on my arms and then for marks i spot apply the nomarks cream.

    • Hey Ritu,
      I never thought no marks creams works..but there are many no marks cream which one do u use..i used their acne cream and it was okiesh..removed my acne in 2-3 days..

  2. havent you saw ads of mederma on TV, its for eleminating scars n marks…. but i never took it seriously… dont know whether it actually works

  3. Mederma is good for removing scars. I use it on my burns. But it will take months to remove the scar completely since you say it was a childhood scar. You can see it lightening though in a few weeks time.
    Along with that you can try applying oil as everybody has suggested here 🙂

  4. I also got my scars when i was 11 and it has been a major worry 4 me. i cant wear short skirt or shorts, am planning to go for plastic surgery.what do you think?


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