Best Way To Get Rid Of Sideburns


Ritu asks,

I have a query and I hope you will respond to it. I have manly sideburns due to which I am hesitant to put my hair up in a ponytail and also it lowers my confidence 🙁 . And in summers its very difficult for me to manage my open hair. I had always wanted to wax them and get rid of them rather than laser treatment as it is way too costly for my pocket and also I am scared of doing laser 🙂 Can u plzz suggest whether waxing will be fine or not?? The sideburns hair are not thick, but they are many in number. 🙁 I thread my eyebrows and wax my arms and legs, with waxing I have never experienced any problem with it.

Please help !!

Best way to get rid of sideburns

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  1. let me start with my suggestion first..

    get your side burn bleaches is the first option other than that you can use waxing you said that u don have many thick hair you can get into tweezing as well

  2. I pluck my hair with a tweezer is a painful method but as i do it every 3-4 days it has become my habit .If u want to opt for tweezing then it depends upon your skin sensitivity and tolerance.

  3. ahhh pls dont do waxing .. i have seen my co-sister is use to it and when it grows it looks horrible …
    i mean like small small and looks rough…

    be confident thats the only key i can say 🙂

  4. Well, I do a combination of things! First it depends on the type of hair you have:

    1. If you have very fine hair and wheatish/fair skin tone, try bleaching it. If you are duskier bleached hair may look really odd! So try it, most times, bleaching helps a lot.

    2. If you have thick dark hair, do what I do. Wax – most of it off. The skin near & directly under the cheekbones is very sensitive so it may breakout. Do a patch test first near your jawbone first.

    3. After waxing, bleach after one day. This will lighten all the fine hair.

    4. Pluck with a tweezer all the small – dark hair that does not get waxed or bleached.

    This is a complicated way of doing things but this is what works for ME. So you will have to figure out what works for you after trials and experimenting! Good luck.

  5. well waxing should not be a problem if you got fine hairs.
    but u must not touch your face after that.. and u have to apply aloe vera gel after waxing.

  6. Hey all, actually the problem is many people have pointed out that ritu..hawww ur sideburns are like man. 🙁
    The thing is I can’t bleach them as it will look very odd ..long hair bleached..
    So, I wanted to know that waxing this area is common or not?? I have searched on net, abroad ppl do full face waxing. So can I go with it as laser i cant afford , also I am scared of that.

    • Waxing the face is pretty common especially in North India where women are hairier. It wont harm you – it just might break you out. So ensure that it is done very hygienically and you use a disinfecting wipe before you wax. Aloe vera gel can be bought at any health and glow!

  7. Sorry my friends name got published in my query comment.. hehe
    Also I want to know about aloe vera juice.. where can I get it?? In chennai ??
    and for applying on face what aloe vera product should I use?

    • Ritu, there is nothing better than natural aloe vera, after I saw Anamika talking about Aloe Vera & its benefits & some pics of the aloe vera plant pots at her home, I got one planted. There is also a post on extracting the aloe vera pulp on wise she, do check it :yes:
      Or else H&G stores have Aloe vera gel from brands like green leaf, but I haven’t tried that ?:-)

      • i don know who told me about this but H &G store aloevera doesn’t work..i personally have not used it..Maha got it and some one replied to it.

  8. neha waxing is not like that ur face will feel perfect after first time!
    like someone said that ur skin might break out.. that happens first time.
    ur skin is not used to that..
    but after 2-3 times u can get used to it.. ur skin will feel better..

    i dont knw if u got oily skin or normal or dry…

    • :yes: :yes:
      but everyone should keep one thing in mind. Just in case the specialist whos doing laser treatment forget to “mention” which happens lots of time.
      U should not go for laser treatment in summer. As there is always bright sun and no clouds etc. The skin should not be exposed in sun when u r going for laser treatments..!! ( my doctor didi told me) 😀 😛

      • ohh i had no idea about this..:O though i have always wished for getting laser treatment done to get permanent relief from waxing but it scares me 🙁

  9. Incase of laser treatment, there is an equal chance of getting dark spots and blemishes ont he skin so beware of that too…..if the skin is sensitive, it is better not to go for it…

  10. Hi Ritu,

    Did u try waxing??even I want to get rid of my sideburns.So thinking of waxin this weekend.Does the Hair growth increase once you start waxing?


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