Best Way To Remove Eye Makeup


Hi Ana,

1. What’s the best way to remove eye makeup? Especially waterproof mascara and kajal worn on the waterline?

2. I have with me a product from Maybelline – Whitestay UV UVbase. Its a white liquid, the SA convinced me to buy this thing as a makeup base.

It has spf 35, and I know its to be used for skin, but it kind of flakes when I use it on the skin… and doesn’t look natural at all. I donno what it is… Anyof you have any idea of how to use it in a better way?

Thank you dear ๐Ÿ™‚
Love, pradnyaa


Best eye makeup remover

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  1. Hi,

    I usually take 2 drops of almond oil or olive oil. Massage it on my eyes (lids,lashes,waterline) lightly with ring finger. After that take a cotton dipped in rose water (or normal water) and just it wipe it off.
    It removes every single trace of waterproof mascara.
    Also almond oil and olive oil is good for eyes and lashes…So double dhamaka! :dance:


  2. hi Pradnyaa, i use baby oil. it removes eye make up completely. though i should tell you that i am not a eye shadow person so i am only sure that it works for the mascara and eye liner and kajal. and doesnt burns . ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i use ponds cold cream as almond oil or olive oil cannot remove colossal mascara effectively….i noticed ponds cold cream removes colossal mascara without an effort…u just need 2 massage on eyes and eyelashes gently n wipw of with baby wipe….its so effective that u don’t need a 2nd application 2 remove make up….hope this helps….thx

  4. Hey Pradnya,

    I use biotique almond oil sometimes…fabindia sesame oil at times and sometimes Roghan badam shireen….using oil and messaging also improves your under eye area..

    And about the Maybelline UV stay..probably you are using too mush..apply it little by little else it will ball up…another alternative is mix it in a liquid/lotion moisturizer and use it..hope it helps

  5. I use cotton swab dipped in johnsons baby cream…not only is the cream really mild and gentle, it also doesn’t sting when it goes into the eye! It removes my eyeliners and mascara, though my mascara is not waterproof….

  6. maybelline eye and lip makeup remover is fab …
    you must try that and one thing

    i sometime use Jojoba oil and it does removes eye makeup …

    olive oil is equally good and you dont have to apply it on waterline just swipe it on corners ….

    for UV base …. sorry babes no ides

  7. u cud also try this…take two makeup remover pads or cotton and dip in olive or baby oil…place them over your eyelids(with ur eyes closed..ofcourse lol) and massage gently…this will work the eyeshadow, mascara and the eyeliner…now swipe the cotton on the lids and see the amount of makeup it removes without rubbing the eyes or roughing it up…

    happy eyes….


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