Best Ways To Keep Your Lip Products Hygienic


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So today’s post is going to be focused on the maintenance of Lip Products 🙂 I’m sure most of the gals on wiseshe are enthusiastic about their pricey and fav lip products 😉 Because yes, they are priceless and everyone had a memory behind their first product: P But how often do we even look into the case of the product to see its wellbeing? :duh: So yes, today it’s the discussion will try to cover up all tricks and tips 😉

Hygiene for your lip makeup products

What are the basic lip products ?

  • Lip balm
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Stick
  • Lip Gloss

Lip Balm


  • So to start with, lip balm (also known as “Chapstick” sometimes “chipstick” 😛 ) is the very first product anybody uses, preferably at an earlier age, why ? Because a lip balm is made to ensure nourishment of our lips
  • A lip balm is the most essential and a must have for everyone, because at any point of time, this is the most handy product we can use.
  • It is necessary, I believe, that all lip products including a lip balm should be kept personal, and out of “sharing” business.
  • The key to sustaining and maintaining a lip balm is, try to avoid it from heat, because a lip balm is majorly constituted of nourishing “WAX”, which will obviously melt away if not paid attention. So when not in use, store your lip balms in fridge.
  • For tinted lip balms, you should make sure, they don’t overdo your lips (you might want a tinted lip balm, but instead they’re making your natural lips dark). If they change the color over time, its instance to throw them. Also a fragrance test would confirm :_
  • Flavored lip balms are great from the rest regular ones. But when you start experiencing a weird taste, or see discoloration or fragrance, its time you change them.
  • There is a whole range of lip balms with SPF Factors, so it is necessary to use lip balms with an SPF to protect your lips from further damage and pigmentation.
  • And last but not the least, everyone should feed your lips with a wholesome and beneficial lip balm, also the plus point of lip balms is you can wear it beneath your lipstick/lip glosses to retain the moisture and protect your lips from direct contact.


 Lip Liner


  • Lip liner, basically is a thin lead of ‘lipstick’ enclosed within a wooden body, exactly like we have pencils. The basic use of lip liners is too draw fine lines along lip, fill in the edges, and maybe sometimes used as a whole to fill the lip. Why was it made ? Probably to prevent the bleeding of lipsticks out of the drawn line and give great defined lip 😉
  • The lip liners are widely available in every range of colors, so availability is not an issue. What is the issue then? Yes, maintaining them so that the favorite lip liners can be used for a longer time 😉
  • Keep them properly enclosed with their caps on to prevent from dirt and other stuff from intruding the lip liner.
  • In case someone used your lip liner, always sharp the lip liner to clean and sanitize the lip liner’s tip.




  • Okay lipstick is basically an entire chunk of colored wax encircled in a plastic body. There are a variety of lipsticks, matte, crème, sheer lipsticks etc, which have all the basic ingredients in different quantities.
  • All the lipsticks are made of wax, emollients, and oils.. all of which have tendency to melt away, because these ingredients are meant to provide moisture and protection to lips.
  • Matte lipsticks are bit drying so as to achieve that “not glossy” look. How is it able to achieve dry look ? Because they lack the emollients (which provide hydration and nourishment to lips). Therefore maintaining a matte lipstick is not a big issue, all you need to do is wipe away the top surface of your lippi like twice a month or how frequent the need is 🙂
  • Crème lipsticks are non drying and ultra hydrating ! Why ? because they contain more oil and emollients to give that creamy and glossy finish  :)  But managing such lipsticks is a bit burdensome, because they have to be taken extra care, they tend to melt and get greasy even if kept at room temperature. So stock these lipsticks always in a fridge :yes: and I would suggest wiping off their top surface more repeatedly to prevent any gross things getting in.
  • How to maintain the lipsticks? Try to avoid them from direct heat and also from humid temperature. Prefer to store them in fridge, when not in use.
  • How to sanitize the lipsticks ? So far, wiping of the top surface was discussed, but sanitizing the lipsticks for ensuring total safety is also important. To sanitize the lipsticks, pour some amount of 70% alcohol in a container, and dip the lipsticks for 3-4 seconds, and that’s it  🙂 your lipstick is sanitized 😉


Lip Gloss


  • I believe Lip gloss is by far the best invention for girls 😉 It’s neither heavy as lip stick, nor dull as a lip balm. It gives that subtle sheen and glossy luster to lips, which is just right for any occasion.
  • Lip glosses have wide texture and colors and varieties 🙂 they are sometimes creamy, liquid, or soft solid kind of. They are metallics, glass finished, sparkly, frosty, and reflecting kind.
  • Lip glossed come in 2 types of packaging, a squeeze type of tube, or a cylindrical tube (with a wand and brush applicator).
  • The drawback ? if used directly by someone, the entire tube and content gets contaminated 😮 just like a mascara tube can get contaminated. Who will want an eye or lip infection ! :nono:
  • Key to maintaining it is, don’t ever and ever share it with anyone or anybody for any freaking reason ! Because, neither the brush can be sanitized, nor the entire content can be :-/ even if you clean the applicator, chances are it is still infected for your personal use.


How often you clean your lip products? Have an extra tip to share? Please comment and contribute to our knowledge too 🙂

Godbless !


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  1. nice one Ups!! dint kno by sharing the entire tube gets contaminated..i always ysed to think ke upar ka layer saaf kar lo and thats it..

  2. Ypu know its really sad when any of my friends who doesnot know that eye make up and lip brushes should not be shared, asks me to apply it to her..and at work i dont even have the luxury to sanitise after the use…

  3. My pet peeve is When I take a lip balm out of my bag to apply and a friend asks me to pass it to her…its so difficult to say no…but after reading this I think I am gonna be stricter.

    • OMG! that happens to me to at work..i use diff lip balms and evryone wants t use it and i find it so hard to say now ive started applying covertlt 😉 mostly they r too busy t notice unless i whip it out in front of them..heehee..

      • I sometimes pretend as if I am looking deep inside my handbag and then quickly swipe the chapstick against my lips….but it feels horrible na….I have to act like a thief for using my own stuff just because some girls do not understand hygiene!

    • Aah yes..lip balms/chapsticks..they feel so yuckkk when someone else uses it…ewww…i had to ‘gift’ away so many of my balms that now i look around and only then apply in solitude..haha

  4. hahahahaa :-s but thats the way it goes prachi… its good .. by now you should have been customized yourself with throwing 😀 :rotfl: thats a good and healthy practice btw :yes: :-)) you’re reducing your chances to get infected 🙂

  5. yes…thankfully till now the day hasnt come when ill have t throw out MAC 🙁 🙁 kitna bura lagega..

    we hav t raid ya…and we have t raid the ones who haul latest..that way we can b sure ke those things r not expiring soon and will stay long 🙂

  6. hi gurls

    iam back from my vacation.

    wiseshe has changed ..where is anamika? dont see much posts of her

    zara how ru
    btw upasna love ur posts

    • hi vidhya 🙂 yes ana changed wiseshe’s look and right now she’s out of town 🙂

      Thanku :dance-leftright: :clap-n-jump: m glad u like the posts.. :dance:

  7. wow….it’s a jackpot of tips….m sure going to try many of them.well,i also want to add a tip of my own here,don’t use the built-in sharpener of lip liner,instead use a separate one.this will ensure your lip-liner’s cap is always clean.I do it all the time.


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