Best Ways To Re-Use Old Saris Again – Wise She Reader Question


Sanjana Asks,

I have tonnes of saris which I got in my marriage and I do not wear them anymore.Reason being either they have been worn too many times or I never felt like wearing it .Can you please let me know some ways to re use the old saris again.


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  1. You can dye old saris with new colour or any of your fav colour.
    also you can use the designer pallu and turn it into a sari u can use as ghagara 🙂

  2. These are a few things I could think of!
    1.I used mom’s old sarees to make dresses.
    2.There was a heavy work saree of mom which I got converted into a lehenga choli!
    3.If saree has heavy borders, you could cut those borders & get them stiched on plain new sarees.

    I hope this was of some help. :-))

    • :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
      great tips adivaah 🙂

      I use saris as a backdrop in parties or one can make simple usual pleats pin them up and hang them in the corner of the curtain rods. it looks really pretty .

  3. Hi Sanajana,

    Once my sister for a anarkali suit stitched with a sari ..she use the border of the sari to design her neck and got a beautiful net and used them as sleeves.You can try that if u want.

  4. Some old tested and appreciated formula to recycle old sarees are:

    1- Get a dress, skirt, lehenga choli and suits stitched.
    2- Get pacthwork bed sheet, curtain, cushions made.

    According to current trends:

    1- (You won’t be able to use the whole saree but) get bib neckalces made. they are super expensive these days but materials are the same. brocade, silk base and heavy embroidery etc.

    2- You can also turn them into traditional handbags. Handbags are not so tough to make if you like stitching and have sewing machine home.

    make someone else happy:

    There are many who will be secretly admiring your collection. If you feel appropriate… make somneone else happy by gifting it.


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