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Mahima Asks,

Hey Anamika,

I am follower of ur blog.your tips are amazing and I am trying most of them..I am 25 year gurl..Done with MBA and Engineering ..Struggling to get a good job…I am bit overweight ..I have tried n number of ways for weight reduction ..but the weight again i luv to eat :):)…it will be a great favour if u just pen down most effective ways which your tried and trying on daily basis to maintain and reduce weight. Frm Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar to eating methidana .
..I hope you will reply

Take Care

Happy Diwali



Best weight loss tips


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  1. One thing that works for me. Is eat lots of breakfast – fruits, yogurt, tea, rolled oats. Eat a big lunch with lots of vegetables. Cut out carbs after 4 PM. Eat a lentil soup for dinner (no bread/rice) And exercise 5 times a week. Results are never instant in fact they show up after 2 months of following a diet/exercise plan. Everything else is a fad – the only thing which works is eating healthy and exercising.

    • I suffer from PCOS therefore maintianing my weight has always been a stuggle for me there ae few things which helps me out in atleast keeping it constant small meals after every two hours this is because it keeps the metabolism high .

      Like shivani i have a big breakfast of fruit, juices, brown bread , some time poha, or upma should be big and healthy.

      stay away from junk food..if u go to MC D order a paneer wrap which is more filling .atleast yur tummy will be filled up.

      try to have dinne before 7 in the is difficult to do but somehow when u struggle for it u suceed.

      with this try taking stairs and atleast half an hour walk every day.

      if u can include green yea and avoid Indian tea with sugar u will see a kg change with in a month

      above mentioned things are easy they just need bit of dedication.

      hope u suceed in losing weight and yes weight loss is a constant fight.. like the way you wont stop eating similarly u should stop following these rules..sometime we do tend to lose control but that is ok one can always come back .

      • Anu sorry to know that u suffer from PCOS. my friend who has been suffering from the same has been advised to reduce her salt intake as well as othe rjunk foods and brisk walking.
        dr says brisk walking is the only solution which can create wonders !!!

  2. Hey Mahima,
    Weight loss can’t happen in the right way unless u follow both – a good diet and an exercise routine. Otherwise, even if u do lose weight, u’ll end up gaining it back again.

    I suggest u follow the below, if possible:

    (1.) Diet: Avoid 3 things completely – sugar, carbonated & preserved drinks & juices and fried food. You can have roti, dal, sabzi, salad, fruits and rice (less amt. and if u can avoid then great) in normal amounts that u usually take. In snacks, u can have poha, upma, less/no oil dosa & idli, chana, etc. Eat every two hours but eat right and never overstuff urself. Have atleast 1.5-2 litres of water everyday.

    (2.) Exercise: Do min. 45 – 60 mins. of brisk walking everyday. If u know surya namaskar, then team it up with a min. of 25-30 surya namaskars. Surya Namaskar works on toning every body part. If u don’t know surya namaskar, then too it’s okay. U can slowly and gradually keep increasing ur brisk walking time (till about 1.5 hours daily)

    I plan to lose some weight in November too. So, I wish both of us all the best :yes: 🙂


    • I so agee with them even having tea twice a day makes one gain weight which we never realise..they ae just plain added calories which can be easily skipped.

  3. Eating vegetables with high water content really helps. Try white pumpkin soup before your lunch or for dinner. Have your dinner at 7.30. if you are hungry after that you can have this soup. You can make some and store it in your fridge and have it throughout the day. and have healthy food frequently. I eat 6 times a day but little at a time and healthy food in regular intervals. Healthy food can be yummy too.. Never starve yourself. You’ll tend to gorge more on fried food and eat more. And if you are lazy to exercise follow simple things like using the stairs instead of the elevator. And you can maybe go walking. Im extremely lazy to exercise so as soon as i get up I walk up and down the stairs from the ground floor to the terrace (4 floors) 20 times.

  4. Another thing is the brown bread you get in the market is not wholewheat bread. Only 20-30% of the bread’s content is wholewheat or ragi or whatever. The rest is maida. The actual wholewheat bread is hard and rough in texture. So instead of brown bread you can have wholewheat chapathis or ragi chapathis

    • Yes Deepika, u’re sooo right… many ppl don’t know this. Infact, the baker himself had told me that the brown colour is actually a colour added to maida and wheat combo. There’s not a big difference between white and brown bread

  5. true ana.. sometimes I make my own bread at home.. its a pain.. but its worth it.. there is this shop in chennai which sells genuine wholewheat bread and oats bread and ragi bread and a lot of organic bread varieties..I always buy bread from there

  6. fine..people has sed here a lot about excercise and diet which is the mantra in losing weight..but if u r a lazy lady like me, still u can lose weight even without physical work..i dont recomment this but something is better than nothing;)))
    1. hot bath; increases ur metabolism hence u lose calories
    2. coffee: same as abpove
    3.protein: increase ur protein intake….i mean good quality protein like egg white and lean chicken. soya meat…because, the amount of calories u get from them is less than than used in burning it..
    4. don’t cover ur self wen u sleep and keep ur windows open- u body uses calories to warm u up.
    5.increase ur fibre intake
    6. sleep long hours
    7.drink 4 glasses of water before ur meals;-it fills ur stomach in a small plate-this really helps

  7. ya sure.. ill do that soon.. the next time i make it ill give you the recipe with the pictures otherwise I can send in the recipe without pictures too..if you want it immd

  8. if you work out a lot a high protein diet is advisable.. If you have a desk job then you need to control your protein intake but have enough for healthy hair and skin .. The question was for fahee but I couldnt resist replying 😀 and fahee, people wth dry skin cannot take bath in hot water right? It makes their skin even more dry.. and sleeping for 8 hours is perfect.. not more than that 😛 the reason they say sleep for atleast 8 hours is because you’ll be refreshed and active otherwise you’ll feel lethargic and gorge on fatty foods. Also you have to have your food at the same time everyday. So if one day you have your breakfast at 9 and another day at 11 the body will not get used it.. Follow one routine which works best for you.

  9. Hiya Mahima,
    I have a tendency to put on weight, have been a very chubby kid but my weight has been almost constant for the last 10years. Just sharing my personal regime, I don’t diet ever! and I eat everything! I never count calories before I put sumthing in my mouth but yes for me meal portions and physical activity is the key. I never overeat, no matter how much I like stuff, somehow just have got into the habbit of it. I have a sweet tooth but again i can’t eat lodes of sweets at a time. Also I make sure I engage myself in atleast 30mins of any kinda activity everyday that increases my heartbeat n pulse rate, it can be dancing in my room or simply jumping around, aur kuch nahi toh I just wipe the floor of my whole house, it tones my leg,thigh, arm and back muscles, also washing clothes by hand is a workout for me. I also have weights in the house that I keep lifting while watchin TV, using Indian style loos also tone leg muscles….and if possible read Rujuta Divekars books, they are very helpful n practical.
    U’re a very young gal, so just soar up ur spritz n go out there, join a guy wid ur pals or just take up a sport, any port that you like, in just 10days u’ll see the difference in your attitude due to increase in endorphin secretion AKA happy hormones, uske baad there will be no stopping you. Njoy life, avoid net n TV as much as you can n go out there living life in the trues form 🙂 Best of Luck!

    • Lovely advice Priyanka… I too follow a similar lifestyle except that I avoid carbonated drinks and fried stuff… and honestly I don’t at all miss them as I eat everything else. It’s just that I haven’t been physically active lately and have to take that up now.

      My mom and others always tell me. Eat everything but be active physically. Our body needs some amount of oil, sugar and salt. All we need to do is not overdose our body with them.

  10. nope there is no sugar in white bread but its 100% maida so thats bad enough on its own… Both the breads have a lot of dalda/margarine/butter 😛 bread cannot be soft unless and until a huge quantity of margarine is added.. so do not buy bread from the regular stores. A lot of organic stores sell bread.. try those..

  11. Hey i love to eat tooo… Special chocolates cant live without them… And i do not like to exercise so i dance… i love to dance.. I have downloaded some belly dancing videos and I am now a self taught belly dancer.. 😀

  12. Hello thanks a lot anamika ,forum ,ani.Priyanka,fahee,deepika,shivani
    i hope u all will understand motu hona kitna dukhi karta hai at times the dress which u luved like nything dosent suits u because of extra fats 🙁
    Now i have decided will put all my efforts to reduce this and that to be regular
    What i used to do earlier will go on GM Diet for a week it will reduce my fats and make me happy …but then same fat appears…thanks to all for motivation 🙂

  13. I love food like any other sane person but losing weight n staying fit is top priority for me, I’d like to share something that I had done last year for a month and the results were amazing, Im gonna start that again once my wedding dates get finalized, till then I’m going to indulge you see 😉

    So for breakfast, I drank a huge glass of chocolate milk( Ovaltine )
    and for lunch, which was around 5hours since then, a huge bowl of fruit and a huge glass of juice. In between these meals, I would eat a granola bar when i got hungry and sometimes a non-fat milk, cold coffee/iced tea.
    After this, in the evening I could snack on some guilty pleasures without having to feel bad and as an early dinner, around 8pm I would have a healthy bowl of rice with some sabzi/dal and a small bowl of curd.
    I sleep late so my body could digest my hearty dinner but this when done for month, coupled with a good twenty minutes on the treadmill at a speed of 5-7kmph made sure that I got toned and stayed fit 🙂

          • Yknow anamika, that was when I was interning at a hospital in chicago n lobby mei there was this amazing tea place which sold the bessst bubble tea ever!! Hunting for something like that here, but guessing its gonna take a long time for anything like that to come up 🙁
            If you go to the US, then definitwly check it out at Argo tea its to die for! 🙂 🙂

            • hai kya…alright i am going to ask my friends to get it for me from US ..:):) thanks so much for letting me know 🙂

              and i didn;t know u from a medicial background .

  14. GM diet…i know its difficult to manage but then its for a week and m sure this will have some effect on my body thats y may be …at the same time i always do some cheating ..:P but now its high time for me ..following diets and all only gives fluctuation of weight
    m too lazy couch potato types exercise so it seems easy option..

  15. hi mahima, :-))
    for me only 2 things work :early to bed n early to rise;
    eat less n work more.
    n try to eat basic n that to organic.wat i do is
    use ragi/juar instead of wheat
    have a healthy breakfast(soak chana,raisins n almonds overnight n have it in breakfast)
    have ur dinner light n before sunset n avoid having any kind of spices(try lauki soup)

  16. i always wants to reduce weight too fast but know i realized its difficult to maintain
    Can you all also help me in clearing some doubts

    I started drinking Green tea with mint daily its refreshing..the other day i was watching tv and seen some herbal tea,easy slim tea for weight loss are they really helpful?

    Will you Suggest VLCC for weight loss??…As abihe m really serious about weight loss exploring alll the ways then will stick to one…Weight loss with the help of machine vibrators ..will u advice it m not married my mom wants me to reduce weight naturally

    Anamika do u know any herbal remedy for weight loss which has kali jeere in it …with ajwain or methidana i dont remeber it has one ingredient more in it..long back one of my frnd suggested an i tried but now i dont remember the ingredient So please help

    • Mahima i have seen that advertisment but havent tried so not sure about it

      I will never suggest VLCC .as i have seen two cases where people spent so much of money but and got no result wat so ever.

      i know one herbal remedy but ultimate solution is eating less and working out more 🙂

    • Shivani u r just fantastic 🙂 ihope i follow this as now winters is around 🙂 by the way I have lauki juice in the morning..but i forget it every now and then :duh:

  17. anu di even i suffered from pcos :-(( but now all my reports r normal 😀 i feel sorry for all suffering for it as i suffered a lot with this evil(facial hair, very frequent mood swings, depression kind of feelings, menstrual cramps, unhealthy mind,dull face :-(( n wat not yaar) but i overcame it n hope u too stay healthy :-)) :-*

  18. i just cut lauki in big pieces add 1/2 glass of water n take a whistle in cooker. allow cooker to cool down n grind it in mixer while adding 1/2 glass water more n now micro. this for a min.(i avoid salt n spices in evening) u may add salt n black pepper :-))

  19. tip that my friend tried and i have seen her lose weight is to eat 5-6 blackpeppers early in the morning, empty stomach after brushing…dont know if it worked for others..

  20. Well for weight loss, i heard aloevera juice taken in empty stomach will help..not sure, anyway i stopped having it, afraid of weight loss

  21. hmm there are so many tips i dont know if i should write anymore .. but just a few points i feel lk mentioning according to my body type. My body type is like ever fluctuating as soon as increases weight soon also it can add weight , Now I am healthy types 3 kg more than my ideal weight but i like it hat way. So i have kind of tried and tested myself and found a few things to be noted.

    1. Dancing it always works with me. More than any other excercise. Reason i think is because it varies in speed and movements. Varied movements body has to struggle more to adapt to energy requirements and thus losses more calories. I do kathak , salsa casual danicng. Currently doing belly dancing adds grace and strengths lower body. Rigorous 10-15 mins max.

    2. Every day 20 – 30 mins walking vary speed again. Fast slow fast slow walks. same reason.

    3. Eat only when offered I used to do binge eating lots opened up wardrobe and ate up fried stuff , but i don’t now. Now i eat only what is offered. Since i stay with parents they hardly offer me fried stuff , roti dal sabzi is my regular food so i stick to home food. That does lot of magic.

    4. Never starve yourself , don’t completely avoid carbs or fats bz they are imp. Body is an amazing machine it adapts to situations. If you don’t offer it with min fats or carbs it would think it has been hit with famine so it would start Storing Fats than burning it. So dont starve ever.

    5. Water: keep drinking lots of water . It fills stomach avoids extra intake of food and makes you less greedy 🙂

    Hope that helps 🙂

  22. gosh! there are so many suggestions already 😛 but i’d like to add a few more which have gone well with me:

    1. luke warm water with the juice of half a lemon and honey taken on an empty stomach helps excrete all the toxins from the body.. and i dont believe all the myths related to this being unhealthy.. its totally fine
    2. green tea .. or ganoderma tea taken 2-3 times a day helps
    3. cut down on all whites.. white bread.. maida .. pizza , all soft drinks and control your sugar portions
    4. stop binging and have a cheat day! trust me it helps 😀
    5. have loaaads of water and atleast one fruit portion/ juice per day

    dats it! u’ll surely loose some weight when all this is combined with atleast 30-45 mins of phys activity ! good luck gurl! 🙂

  23. This is something I was so much thinking of asking Wise She! I’ve put on many extra Kgs after the birth of my baby and I’m just unable to take them off 🙁
    Here is somethiong I’m trying these days, something that I saw working with my own eyes!

    In April I met a doctor for some health problem. He was quite overweight. I met him again last month and he was looking thin, fresh and more active!!! He has lost 45 KG IN 6 MONTHS!!! He eats only fruits, vegetables and curd. Thats all. I asked him if I can follow the same diet, he said why not! But since I don’t have much to loose [as compare to him :D] I can just start by skipping carbs in the night. So only veggies/fruits in the night. I have been following it and do see a difference. According to Ayurveda Fruits should not be had after sunset, so I only have veggies or salad.
    This Diwali is disturbing my diet :pissedoff: Will restart from tomorrow :))

    4/5 cups of green tea helps. An Ayurvedic Doc also suggested eating a fruit first thing in the morning ASAP. Also having buttermilk and avoiding milk help weightloss.

    Yeah, it surely helps if there is a partner in the process… Anybody ready to join? May be we can decide a time and aim and keep a check on eachother :starving: :eat: :bowl: :pizza: :watermelon: :plate: :can: :nono:


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