Best Winter Hairstyles To Try


Best Winter Hairstyles To Try

Change in seasons prompts us to change our makeup and skincare regime. This is also the time for a wardrobe revamp but many of us forget about giving our hair a new look. Besides being a great makeover tool, a good haircut also rids you of all the damage caused by harsh sun in the summers.

The winter hair trends this year are all about texture but obviously you are not limited to it. These are definitely the Best Winter Hairstyles To Try-


best winter hairstyles this season

Winters are the perfect times to get that fringe. You will not feel sweaty and sticky and your bangs will stay fresh for longer. As textures are trending, get bangs that are not all same length. A cut where central bangs are smaller than the ones on the sides, blend easily with the rest of the hair. Such fringe is also easy to grow out.


hairstyles for winter 2015

This cut is not going anywhere and is also makes your hair easy to manage. If you like length but winter-wear frizz your hair out, get your hair cut in a lob. A lob will look so chic grazing over your collarbones and stylish jackets.


best winter hairstyles to try (1)

Waves are also great for winters. You will see a lot of them this season. Again, disheveled waves have the tendency to get frizzy in winters and so the emphasis should be on a polished look. The easiest way to create manageable and elegant waves is by using a flat iron.


best winter haircuts

Don’t want to chop your hair but still want to get rid of the damaged ends? Get layers. Make sure to ask your hairstylist to give a lot of layers to your hair for a voluminous look. If you want to keep all the length, go for a razored trim. It will remove all the dull hair while keeping your length intact.


best winter hairstyles

A blunt cut with sleek straight hair is something that is complete opposite of the current love for texture. Hair that is all same length look great with straight hair that has some volume. If your hair is very thin then this cut might not suit you. The preferred length for this hair cut is mid length as longer hair may end up looking flat.


best winter haircuts to try

This is evergreen for every season. A few bangs in the front make a pixie cut look very feminine and yes its better when the bangs are not all same length. You can make pixie cut edgier by adding texture on top.

Short and Long

haircuts for winter 2015

Victoria Beckham’s style of longer hair in front and shorter at the back is In this winter but literally with twists. Instead of sleek hair, a little wave and texture will give this haircut a new life.

Which Hairstyle are you going to try this Winter?

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