Best Yoghurt Face Mask To Try This Season


Best Yoghurt Face Mask To Try This Season

Yoghurt has an inbuilt quality to nourish your skin and even heal it to cure any kind. The lactic acid in yoghurt is very good for curing epidermis and similar problems. If you are looking for anti-ageing creams and expect it to nourish your skin to be any better, try yoghurt. I can assure you better results in a shorter span of time.


I am sharing one recipe here that you can easily try in winters and continue in summers. This is very good for anti-ageing, acne and blemishes, all together! Isn’t it awesome? Read on girls!

For this pack, you just need 1 tablespoon plain yoghurt, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon turmeric powder. All the ingredients are easily available with you all the while. Now mix the ingredients together and make a paste. Apply this pack to your face after you clean your face with water and it is dried. If you have acne problem, I would advise you to use this pack everyday as it will open the clogged pores and help your skin breath properly. If you have a dry skin, apply this 2-3 times in a week to have a glowing skin.


Since all the ingredients have their own individual qualities to better your skin, this pack is definitely very rich in improving your skin quality and making it glow. The anti-ageing qualities of yoghurt, the infection resistant characteristic of turmeric, the nourishment and glow that honey provides and the skin blemishes removal taken care by lemon are all there in together to make it a one for all pack.


Suitable for Summers & Winters

I use this pack in summers as well as winters as all the ingredients are available with me at home all the time. During summers it provides the very much required cooling effect to the skin and during winters, it is even more required due to its fat content that keeps the skin soft and supple and there is no dryness.

The pack is suitable for all ages and there is no side effect of this pack. There is no threat of any kind of pimples or any other rash to appear. The pack is also popular in foreign countries. I myself read it in a magazine and found it amusing to use it. Once I tried, I became a fan of it to return the glow which usually goes away due to stressful life that we lead. After office, I often find my skin becoming dull and the dark circles etc. begin to haunt me after midweek itself. This then obviously demands care and nourishment, which is otherwise not possible given the tiresome work and home routine.


This pack is easily made and is not less than a boon since it is prepared in flat 5 minutes and you need to keep it on for another 15-20 minutes, which means in flat 20 minutes, you are back to normal with a nourished skin which takes on for the rest of the week. With regular use, you can get rid of bigger problems as we discussed above, what else could one look for?

I am sure you would love the pack as much as I do. Just observe the results with one or two usage and feel the difference.

Have you tried these yoghurt face packs before?

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