Beyonce Knowles Anti-Ageing Ritual


Beyonce Knowles Anti-Ageing Ritual

Beyonce Knowles, do I need to dwell more on who she is and why she is such a followed celebrity! Well, I know for a fact that she is one of the very few black women who are looked upon as beauty icons and whom people literally worship. She has had a long struggling history and now that she is a star, you can make it out from the twinkle in her eye. She has though, not lost the charm in her smile to a forged attitude that usual celebrities imbibe!

beyonce in Vrettos Vrettako dress

The oomph in her speaks from her overall look, her hair, her makeup, her ageless skin, everything is just too mystifying. I have researched a lot on her in the past week and today I bring to you what I found relevant for us – her beauty and anti-ageing ritual. Read on girls for a mystifying post on her revelations to an interview where she gave her beauty secrets out.

If you ask me what I found, her skin care regime is pretty short and sweet. She believes in leaving her skin hydrated every night. She smears on a lot of sunscreen all the time to prevent harmful UV rays like we do and she also definitely applies a primer before her makeup.

Beyonce in royal blue dress

She always uses a skin moisturizer all the time which she keeps on applying on her skin and even her nails stay hydrated with cream and moisturizer to keep them looking alive and beautiful.

She swears by using Aquafor Healing Ointment to remove her eye makeup, and uses it as a lip moisturizer and on the eyelids as well to keep them healed and relieved.

Aquafor Healing Ointment

She says that she washes her face twice a day and sometimes even more even if she’s working. She takes out time for her face regime at all costs to have a hydrated and beautiful skin at all times.

She uses Carol’s Daughter as an exfoliant and does it religiously whenever she finds time during a week. As a body moisturizer she uses a baby lotion, yes! a baby lotion finds place in her vanity.

If you notice, she is not using any expensive product that usual celebrities are seen flaunting off their vanities. She uses inexpensive products but looks a million bucks and a lot better than many celebrities using other expensive commodities to look what they do. I was astonished to know that she uses L’Oréal Voluminous mascara for her everyday look and even for her events!

l'oreal voluminous million lashes mascara review

For her skin, she always ensures to use an anti-wrinkle serum to avoid ageing signs as being a celebrity she has to nurture her skin and keep it from anti-ageing. With her kind of regime, I am sure she does not really need but being a celebrity she understands how she needs to maintain herself.

She likes using a set of natural looking products for her look and is mostly seen sporting a natural tone foundation and primer.

I am sure you would now agree how much it is necessary for us to maintain our good looks if you idealize someone like Beyonce Knowles. She is 33 years old but her looks match someone of 25 years of age which is way beyond our reach if we do not expend time on our beauty regime.

Beyonce at MTV Awards

Once above 30, we must definitely follow a regime for our skin to prevent ageing signs to appear and haunt us before the time they should.

What are your cult favorite anti-ageing secret products?

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