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BeYu Beauty Queen Voluma Mascara Review

Hi Everyone!

Its been a while since I wrote here. I was traveling and I had such great time in Ireland and London that I almost forgot about blogging.:-p But I must say that its a refreshing change and now it feels good to be back to my home (which by the way is all disaster right now 😉 ) and getting back to the usual life routine.

While I was thinking what I should review today, I thought of writing about this mascara. It comes in a beautiful teal packaging and I have been using it since two months. The brand had sent me this mascara and I wasn’t aware how popular it is before I thought of reviewing it.

BeYu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara Waterproof

  • Price– INR 1050. I would say it is slightly on the expensive side as a mascara hardly lasts for three months, so I don’t like putting too much money into it but the quality of this mascara is pretty good with the mentioned price. You will know more after reading further ahead 🙂 Also, one can easily buy these in Lifestyle and New You stores which are now pretty much located in most cities.
  • Packaging– It comes in an attractive fat teal blue packaging and is available in two variants. One is the orange one which is not waterproof and the second one is this which claims to be waterproof.
  • Wand– It has a thick wand which reminds me of the oh! so famous Maybelline mascara. I like these kind of wands as it picks up lot of product so one just needs a coat and I am pretty much done for the day.

BeYu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara Waterproof india

  • Waterproof– Since its a waterproof mascara so I never had any kind of visible mascara scattered all over my under eye area. If a mascara is not waterproof, then only a little bit of it ends up giving those horrible looking panda eyes.

BeYu Beauty Queen Volume every day mascara

My Thoughts about BeYu Beauty Queen Voluma Mascara

I have straight eyelashes and I really need to curl them up and it never looks as beautiful as I see others’ but that’s okay! I am not someone who is pretty obsessed with eyelashes. Even if they look decent then I am fine with it but the problem is even the good mascaras don’t give a decent looking voluminous eye lashes to me.(The same kind which look long, thick and gives a feeling that one is wearing false eyelashes.)

Well, this one does a decent task. It separate the eyelashes nicely and doesn’t give that fake feeling and neither clumps them up. This is certainly the kind of eyelash mascara which one can use on a daily basis. Also, for night events and parties one can layer it easily and its not at all heavy on the eyes.

BeYu Beauty Queen Volume Mascara Waterproof on eyes

Summing it up

What I like about BeYu Beauty Queen Voluma Mascara?

  • Gives long, thick , voluminous eyelashes
  • Waterproof
  • Attractive packaging
  • Contains Rice bran ingredients which helps sensitive eyelashes.
  • Available online and in stores.

What I don’t like about BeYu Beauty Queen Voluma Mascara?

  • I would have liked it more if it was somewhere between Rs 500-600 🙂

Rating- 4/5

Will I recommend?- Well, only if you are willing to spend a little extra for a decent waterproof mascara which is great to use everyday as well as for special occasions. 🙂

Have you tried BeYu Beauty Queen Voluma Mascara before?



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