Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review & Swatches


Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review & Swatches

A couple of years back, a friend of mine was raving about this brand called Beyu (pronounced Bi-jyu) which she had a huge number of lipsticks from. I tried out one of them and found that it was super smooth and amazing. Hooked, I tried to find it in my city, but to no avail. However, recently I got a newsletter from a online site saying that not only they had the stock, but they were also giving the products at a 20% discount through a special voucher code. Wasting no time, I headed over to the site and found out that the lippies were given at a large discount. I bought one.

‘BeYu’ is a German color cosmetic brand both imported and marketed by Elder Health Care Ltd. In India. The color cosmetic range comprises of mineral make up, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners and nail enamels.

 After eight days or so, and a couple of phone calls, my lipstick arrived in all its glory. I opened the pack, and found this beautiful steel coloured lipstick, which was quite heavy to hold (I <3 that)!!

Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review&swatches+makeup nude lipstick

Isn’t this pack simply dreamy? It’s also very travel friendly, and the lipstick top does not come off. I have been carrying this in my bag for the last 4 days and NOTHING has happened.

I opened the pack, and there the lipstick was, in all its glory.

Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review&Swatches+beyu lipstick with gloss nude

Oh, what a pretty colour, I thought!

Take another look!

Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review&Swatches+hydrating lipstick nude colour

I will have to say this, the lipstick is full bodied and creamy, but sheer, with a lovely hint of clear shimmer which NEVER goes overboard, no matter how much you apply on your lips. This is a colour which would suit almost anyone, no matter what the skin tone, and is a perfect shade for daywear, college wear, office wear and when you just don’t feel like putting on makeup, but just put on a natural glow.  It has a very pleasant smell, is sheer with very light shimmer and glides on easily. Perfect for summer!

The name of the shade is Nude Rose (given my propensity to love everything Rose, I was hooked on the name from the start) and it belongs to the Star Lipstick range of Beyu.

  • Price:  INR 625/- but thanks to the 8% + 20% discount  which costed me 460/- INR.

  That might not be a budget lipstick, but for me, this is a perfect lippy and I want to cherish it for as long as I live.

Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review&Swatches+beyu lip colour fair skin

Truthfully speaking, I adore the lipstick, and find it not just travel friendly, but that it does not melt in the heat (ANOTHER BONUS!!) and it has been around 40 degrees here recently and I have been travelling quite a bit. That given, this is a colour I can apply on its own, and since it is very hydrating, I don’t need to apply it again for around 4-5 hours, if I do not eat anything in between. It goes away if I do eat something, but if I reapply, it makes my lips look dewy soft, an effect I adore. It does not settle in fine lines and the shimmer is so barely visible that it can be worn anywhere at any time.

The one crib I have about this lipstick is that the list of ingredients is not written down on the package, but then I can read them online, so okay.  We are yet to see a counter where I can check out the swatches because making blind guesses online is not something I like doing.  At 625/- INR  it is more expensive than most Indian brands, parallel to Inglot and slightly less expensive than L’Oreal, but for this colour I would pay the price, personally speaking.

Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose Lipstick Review&Swatches+rosy nude fair skin lip colour

What I love about Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose:

  • Lovely shade that would look good on virtually all toned skins
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Sheer colour
  • Lovely creamy balm-like feel to it
  • Nice, light smell
  • Does not melt

What I don’t love about Beyu Star Lipstick 73 Nude Rose:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Might not be for those who do not like sheer colours
  • Smell might not be to everyone’s liking
  • Verdict: 4/5


Overall, I love this lipstick simply because it works as both lipstick as well as a shimmery balm, and keeps my lips hydrated.

Beyu also has products for Eyes, Face and Nails  Other ‘LIP’ products from Beyu are:

  • Catwalk Lipstick:   Smooth & silky texture that makes your lips look  much more voluminous
  • Star Lipstick:   Lip color with natural sheen.
  • Fruit & Gloss Lip Stylo:   Combines Color, Shine, taste and protection.SPF 8
  • Sparkling Lip Gloss:  Trendy wet look with fascinating shimmer & volume effect.
  • Lip Gloss: Brilliant shiny gloss make lips fuller and moisturized.
  • Soft Liner for lips & more:  Its water-proof formula and ultra creamy.
  • Lip Forever Duo:  Intensive, long-lasting color for a glossy finish.
  • Lip Lights Lip Gloss:  Innovative lip gloss with an integrated mirror and LED lamp for an iridescent glossy finish to be layered over your favorite lip color.

 Have you tried Beyu Star Lipstick  in 73 Nude Rose ?

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  1. You have the most beautiful cupids bow I have ever seen in the last picture. I am so tempted to get this soooooooo tempted. I doubt this is made for pigmented lips…..yours might be an even colour thats why it looks opaque where as from the swatch its actually looks quite sheer…..correct me if im wrong…

  2. Is the shade more close to the last pics or the second last Poorna? 🙂 Loved the last pic shade a lot. 😀 great pick i must say :hug-makeup:

  3. I luuuuuurve this shade!! :inlove: This is actually how colorbar bare is supposed to look :-(( U have very pretty lips Poori :lipstick:


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