Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No.1159 Review


I received this little package of 2 oz. as part of a big parcel from my aunt living in the US. She is a doctor there, and she receives many different products there. I saw that this product is available in a bigger size at the website at this link and the small fun size pack was given to me as a gift. I love it a lot.

Key Ingredients:Lemon Oil and Extract 3%, Lotus Flower Seed 0.5%, Lychee Seed 0.5%, Cranberry Seed 0.3%.

Company Speak: Our extraordinary scrub exfoliates and moisturizes skin with a blend of pure Brown and White Sugar, skin-brightening Lemon Extracts and finely crushed natural Lotus Flower and Fruit Seeds.  This ultra-moisturizing formula leaves skin looking radiant, smooth and renewed.

Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159 Review+Lemon and Sugar Body Srubs

  • Quantity: 10 oz.
  • Price: $19.95

You generally need to apply just a dab of it on your body and scrub scrubscrub till all the dirt is gone. The difference between this one and Lush Sugar scrub is that this one is really mild and hydrating. I have never had any complaints of drying skin after I have used this. And, the ingredients are all-natural, and it does leave a glow afterwards. As the pack was tiny, I decided to use it as my lip scrub. I used it sparingly and have got about 6 months’ use from a 2 oz.  (60 gm.) pack I received. The packaging is super cute and the only thing I want with this is a spatula as it comes in a jar. I have hygiene thing.

Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159 Review+Best Exfoliating Body Scrubs

I rarely admit to loving a product so much like this one to actually try and replicate it at home. To me, this is the ultimate lip scrub for me.  I have used it for the last 7 months on my lips and it is finally over now, and so, I have to make a new batch. I know I can use a bit of brown and white sugar, mix them together, add lemon oil and juice, some ground flax seeds to create something very similar but not this. I have been constantly complimented about my not-so-pigmented lips and I will totally blame it on this. This is the cause.

Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159 Review+Bigelow Chemists Scrub Swatch

If you guys find a pack abroad, then please bring it here. I WILL pay you for it. I wanted to get one, but sadly this is out of stock at the website so can’t.

Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159 Review+Bigelow Chemists Scrub Effects

Pros:Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159:-

  • Gorgeous lemon scent
  • Great scrub for my lips
  • Removes pigmentation and dead cells in a jiffy
  • My lips look hydrated and moist
  • Value for money (300 gm. for about 1100/- is good pricing for this)
  • Cruelty-free
  • Packaging is super-cute and travel-friendly

Cons:Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159

  • Not hygienic
  • Availability

Verdict: 4.5/5

Very rarely I give a product a thumbs up but this one is totally worth it.

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