Biggest Hairstyle Mistakes To Avoid


Biggest Hairstyle Mistakes To Avoid

We all go for different hairstyles at different points in time and we find it very amusing to have those hairstyles done by stylists or even if we do ourselves. We often tend to commit some mistakes while going for a hairstyle which is often either not required or are too cumbersome to be avoided. So, we must all keep certain things in mind while going for a hairstyle and we should follow them and remind them to people or even the stylists who do it for us.

I am listing the common mistakes we make which are quite ruining to our hair. Let’s hope not to make them again.

Conditioning your hair while going for a hairstyle

Biggest blunder we could do to our hair is to go for conditioning on the day we have to get the hairstyle done. This is because, the hair after conditioning becomes unmanageable silky and it becomes difficult to capture them for the stylist. Moreover, the stylists anyway use some hair sprays and products on the hair with which conditioning is not advised.


Copying the hairstyle trend blindly!

We often believe a set of patterned hairstyle would only look good on us while it is not true. Like, for example I have seen brides opt for a bun hairstyle or a high hairstyle alone which is just a myth. One should always go for a comfortable hairstyle which is in fashion than going for some hairstyle which is trending but is not at all comfortable.

Face Shape

We often forget to analyze the hairstyles from the angle of our face. We just go for the trending one and ask the stylist to do it on us. The result a big blunder! To avoid this, we must choose a hairstyle which suits our face cut and is in tandem to our personality. You must converse with your hairstylist to seek views on the style that shall suit you the most.

Over accessorizing

This is one mishap we do ourselves and then blame the stylists. People these days tend to over accessorize and there is no escape from embarrassment and awkward gazes once you come up with a different look altogether. Accessorizing is good but in a limit.

Number of pins used

Stylists often mistake our hair for a board game as if person with maximum pins wins is the rule. This has happened with me and it actually made me scratch and caress my hair the entire event. Do instruct your stylist to loosen the pins used or to use minimum possible pins to avoid those piercing through your scalp and making you look like a head screeching monkey.

Curled Hairstyle

Hair color or style changes

Avoid going for extreme changes to your hair color or your hair style before a big event. Changing your look may leave you in a jeopardy as it takes time to be registered with your new look. We must go for an aggressive change when we have some time left for the purpose. Surprises often become biggest of shocks this way. Avoid any drastic changes so that you are comfortable in your skin on the event day or at least have some time in between to be registered with your new look.

hair color for-fair-skin

I hope you agree to these mistakes and make sure these do not happen with you.

Have you made any hairstyle blunder before?

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