Biotique Bio clove purifying anti-blemish face pack Review


Post By Ashu,

Acne has been and still is, a continuous battle for me. I have tried so many natural things, face washes, scrubs….. That I have lost track of. Drank different kind of tonics with only one aim of banishing acne. All of them veryyyy….. bitter. The clove face pack by biotique is one more thing which I have tried. It hasn’t ended my search for the magic product which makes each budding pimple disappear overnight and that too without leaving a spot (I know…. It’s such an impossible dream but we can still try…) But it surely soothes the discomfort and helps in healing it a lil bit faster.
It claims to be a purifying anti blemish face pack for oily and acne prone skin.

Biotique bio clove purifying anti-blemish face pack  review

  • Size -85 grams
  • Price: 170/-
  • Ingredients: no list is given
  • How to use Biotique anti blemish face pack – Apply a thick layer for 15-20 mins.

Biotique bio clove face pack review

 What I liked about Biotique Bio clove purifying anti-blemish face pack

  •  Its priced reasonably
  • It soothes acne to an extent.
  • It can be used for spot application. I mainly use it like that only. Applying it on any new pimple helps in pain and does heal it little faster.
  • Clove is a boon for acne as we all know
  • Biotique use natural ingredients mainly although no ingredient list has been mentioned

Anti blemish face pack from Biotique+Biotique face pack


  • Its quite easily available
  • It has a nice clovey fragrance. It feels so calming to me.
  • The texture is very smooth and easy to spread. It has toothpaste like consistency.


What I did not like about Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blmeish Face Pack

  • It comes in a deep tub so you have to dig in, which is unhygienic.
  • It falls short of the expectations from an acne pack
  • It burns a mildly all over the skin, but like hell on the pimples. But it happens only for 3-4 minutes.

So basically, I keep this pack with me. Though it doesn’t fulfill my wish of having acne free skin, still it’s become kind of “feel good “product, as my search for magic continues…..

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  1. No mention of the ingredient list even on bottom of the tub??? usually thats where biotique ppl give their list na..check and tell us..

  2. I used their earlier spot applying pack i think its called Myristica or something..dint help at all..instead gave me even more acne..

  3. i am afraid of using biotque products because few of them stings badly..:( however i land up picking them every now and then 🙁

  4. Yeah…i dont like their hair care range either..their shampoos make my hair super dry and their conditioners are useless for my hair

  5. Hi! I have used this product a long back. I agree; it does feel calm and the smell of clove is lovely. But it did not work for me at all. I think it works best for people who have inflammatory acne due to the anti inflammatory properties of clove oil. It will most likely fail with people with only white and blackheads…….which is my case. But maybe it will help prevent the conversion of comedones into inflammatory acne…..?
    And yes, I too think it should come in a tube version because dipping in your hands even if well washed, is unhygienic indeed.

  6. Ingredients of Bio Clove Anti blemish pack are Lavang(Syzygium aromaticum)1.2%, Pudina (Mentha piperata)1.1%, Gandhak (Sulphur) 2.8%, Kikar gond (Acacia Arabica) 6.0%, Yashad (yashad bhasma) 2.0%, Geru (Red ochre) 2.5%, Paste base Q.S.

  7. ana.. i think we have the same skin type after reading all ur posts! its so difficult to keep these unwanted painfully irritating creatures out of bay (read: acne 😛 ) i myself have tried so many things, even dermatogist recommended prod dont help much 🙁 and i started developing zits after 😀

  8. im learning to live with them now :'( .. what do u do ?? i just dab on some clindac-A gel which the doc gave.. dries up.. not very helpful though

    • i think u should just stick to mildest of product if derma products r not working for you..use aloe vera gel every night this will atleast keep your skin away from all the harsh effect..and have u tried applying vitamin e capsules on yur blemishes?

  9. i have been using fresh aloe vera or patanjali every night for a while.. or i just wash my face and leave it without any product if im at home ( for a gap from all the chemicals) i havnt treid vit e capsules :O they help ? i saw my freind using it on the whole face once !! 🙂

  10. guyssssss i dnt think dis product will work ,now i m fed up of going through dis products and my skin also has become dark by using dis products


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