Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack Review


Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair  Nourishing Treatment Pack Review

After I played a bad bad Holi this year I got concerned about my hair and got Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair pack for myself.

What is Musk root – Musk root has been called “the divine herb” found deep in the Himalayas and used for centuries to promote hair growth.This nourishing treatment pack is a blend of pure musk root , bael, liquorice and nutmeg to invigorate and rejuvenate the scalp, add strength to every strand and promote growth for longer, thicker, stronger hair.

Biotique Bio Musk root fresh growth nourishing treatment pack review

Biotique has many other fresh hair collection such as Bio thyme, Bio Walnut Bark, Bio Musk Root, Bio Bhingraj, Bio Mountain Ebony, Bio Kelp, Bio Kelp, Bio Sea Kelp, Bio Green Apple, Bio Soya Protein, Bio ALmond & Cashew, Bio Watercress, Bio Flmae Of The Forest, Bio Margosa, Bio Henna, Bio Henna Leaf, Bio Wave (ooohhh !!! that’s too many to try..isn’t?)

Ingredients:-Amla (Emblica officinalis), Baheda (Terminalia Belerica) , Harrar(Terminalia Chebula) ,Jaiphal(Myristica fragrans), Bael Phal, Jatamansi (Nzrdostachys jatamansi), Bhringraj(Eclipta Erecta), Kikkar Gaund, Mulethi, Neem (Azadirchta Indica), Himalayan water

Price of Biotique Musk Root Fresh Grwoth Nourishing Treatment Pack is Rs199 (230gm)


Bio Musk Root Fresh growth hair pack review

How to use the hair pack – Mix with egg or yogurt before application. Apply liberally to dry scalp and hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo, rinse well with water. Apply once a week or as needed.


Biotique Hair Pack Review

230 gm of prouct will last 3 -4times easily which is not bad at this price rest depends upon your  hair length. I have used the product thrice but always with egg. Probably I will try using it curd next time and update you more about it.

Biotique Nourishing treatment pack review

With two tbsp of the mixture which I call chawanprash because it smells like that only ::D:D I added two eggs in it. I used the egg yolk also and mixed it thorughly.Mixing takes a little time as the mixture is not smooth so please take a big bowl to mix it otherwise mixture will keep falling out. Intersting thing is when I added eggs in it, the chawanprash smell vanished away and it was much easier to apply the pack.

Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Mask (Product Review)

Initially to prevent the egg fragrance, I added few drops of essential oil in it but later on I managed without it.


Two eggs and 2 tbsp. of the hair mask was enough to cover each strand of the hair.I kept the hair pack first for some one hour though it is advised to keep it only for 30 minutes.Removing the pack is messy and if you are in bathroom by yourself then you will have tough time ::D:D.

Biotique Bio Musk root nourishing treatment pack review

My experience with the product :-

1. After washing  my hair they were smooth but not very silky this might be because of the presence of amla and harar in it which have a tendency of make hair rough.I did use a conditioner after washing off my hair.

2.After using the pack thrice I feel little strength in my hair .

3.It is decently priced and will suit all types of hair.If you have extremely dry hair then you can oil hair before applying the pack.

Will I recommend it to others – Yes,  It is not a miracle product but certainly a product which is worth trying.

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  1. The product looks scary in the application photo. But considering your hair is glowing now, I wouldn’t mind trying this 😀

  2. Hey Anamika.. I had this product and used it during last summers … Its a great and effective product.. Results start showing up after 3-4 usages 🙂

  3. this is a great product for people with dry hair….donno about your hair type though but it produces more sebum after a day or two so the oily hair gets more oily and greasy….

  4. hii anu,
    my hair is silky but there is no shine at alll… i hve tried all home remedy like ..curd, fenugreek, green gram hair pack (sometime other hair pack also), amla juice, coconut oil, sesame oil, all good shampoos, conditioners, tea water with lemon, gudhal flower pack, amla sikkakai & ritha for giving blackish look to hair.. but i think all in hair looks dull & grayish.
    plz suggest

  5. Hi I use this pack , and I mix this with yoghurt and added amla or neem powder. I just wanted to tell you that you can get this pack to last you forever if you use it only on your scalp, which I do. Initially I too used on my entire hair length, but it made my hair brittle as there are very abrasive granules in the pack and these are tough to wash off. This pack does wonders to my scalp though. Also I find that if I mix this pack with multani mitti or just any other powder , like amla and neem , and I dont shampoo the pack off , it does not make my hair too greasy. And my hair smells of musk root till I shampoo it off. My hair is shinier too.


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