Biotique Bio red wood naturally tinted moisturizer review

This one is my first tinted moisturizer.This is because I either want to wear foundation on my face or will just go out with moisturizer alone.But after reading about it so many times in my fellow bloggers blog I thought of giving it a try.
Reason I chose Biotique one because it is  dermatoligist tested , non acnegenic and yes it is not a cosmetic and have therapeutic properties.


This tinted mositurizer contain red wood , winter cherry and wheat germ oil to bring skin to life.It has SPF30UVA/UVB suncreen in it which protects the skin from the sun damages.
Price – Rs299 of 55gm and the product can last for  three years from the date of manufacturing.
How to use it-To Use:Apply to cleansed skin each morning, before sun exposure. Dot forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, then blend well. Perfect to use in place of foundation


SA gave me red wood color but when when I visited the Biotique site I found it was present in two other shades as well which is peach and olive. Both peach and olive are meant for darker skin  where as red wood is for light skin which I came to know from Tanveer’s blog.
Well I was glad that SA gaveme light skin only because it suited me well.I guess those who are  dusky or dark in skin shade should test before buying this because  my skin shade is not light but this one suited me quite well.

Ingredients of the product was not mentioned on the product so I got it from their site which is as follows:-

Ashwagandha(Withania somnifera) 1.5%: Winter Cherry ,Adu (Prunus persica) 3.0%: Peach , Arjun (Terminalia arjuna) 1.5%: the bark of this tree is very rich in antioxidants , Rakt Chandan(Pterocarpus santalinus) 3.0%: Red Sandalwood , Madhu (Honey) 1.5%, Cream Base Q.S

After using the tinted mositurizer , blush and lipgloss
My experience with the product

1.The biggest concenred of mine was breakout.I have acne problem and I break out easily with foundations and moisturizer but this one didnt break me out at all.

2.The product is quite easy to use so saves lot of time of mine when I am in hurry to go out and want little coverage on my skin.

3.It keeps your skin moisturized for long.You can easily use blushes after using it.My TBS blush blended well with it.

4.When I used the product I found it quite creamy so I again thought of acne problem but thankfully it made my skin feel soft only.

5.It is quite humid nowdays in Hyderabad and still the product is not melting from my face.Although I use little compact so that it fix up the moistuirzer.

6.It is great for those women who are always on the go. Just use it like a cream and blend it well.You will be all ready with your face base.SPF present in the skin  sevres dual purpose of mosisturizing and protecting the skin from the sun damages.

7.I find the price of the product  pretty ok after looking at the outcome.Also one purchese will last for   3-4 months easily if you use it every day.

8.Product is not at all your foundation replacement it will only even out the complexion so those of you who need tinted moisturizer to hide blemishes should not go for this.

9.Product will go well with normal combination oily skin or dry skin easily but oily skin people can break out a bit.

10.Gives a nice glow to your skin without much of an effort.

Worth a buy-Yes it is surely a worth if you are a working women, student or if you are mostly outside.This product will go well in winters but I will suggest to avoid it in summers as it may melt down or make you feel heavy on the skin.



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  1. kewl !! but I read on Tanveer's blog that "redwood" is the darkest color .. now I'm not sure :SBut yu are looking gawjus :)The products photographs so well :))

  2. Wow, u look pretty A! This is really weird, but I found Rose to be the darkest, & Olive to be the lightest. In fact I have both with me & Olive suits me better.. So funny :P.But I liked yr review & like the prdt too a lot 😀

  3. Now even i m confused ..I guess it is better to test all the product and find your best match…:)Thank you for your comments Tanveer:)I m too loving the product.:)

  4. Hey I have this in Rose… And confirmed with the SAs… Rose is the darkest.. And it suits me fine.. And looks fantabulous on you….

  5. Thanks for the fantastic review Anamika..You look so pretty..beautiful eyes :-)Im still waiting to find a shop where I can take a look at all the shades and then buy.

  6. Hey Poornima,You all girls have made my day..I am feeling beautiful from with in :DYou can try the ponds tinted moist. too I have heard it is good.

  7. Life is little slow here, but the weather is worth enjoying … Still havent explored much but yes, found a MAC store, BodyShop, FabIndia and herbal ingredients so little relieved.How're u doing and how was your trip?

  8. hi,
    After seeing the review of this product i bought it,and it suits my skin well.. i have very sensitive i am really skeptical of buying any new cosmetic stuff…but this suited my skin very well…thanks for reviewing the product

  9. hey ana … Wanted to ask if the which outlet would i find these .. Also do they allow you to test as well ? yeah i love this smiley 😀 :tap-dance: gives me a feeling that i can dance

  10. I too got the “Rose” one, but it seems to be little thick cream.. and does not blend well.. any tips to make it blend well into my skin?? :-))

  11. hey thanx for the review. Avtually today itslf i hav got this TM. i have medium to dark skin(MAC NW44) tone and the SA has given me Olive saying tat its for medium skintone and Rose is for the lightest. now after reading urs n tanveer’s blog i am totally confused 🙁 plz help so that i can get it xchanged. thx

  12. hi can someone please tell me how to melt this product or use it during winter coz it becomes more cakey and hard to spread during winter.


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