Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo Review


Hello everyone!!!

Did you shampoo you hair today ??? :D:D
Sorry for the cheesy line.:D:D I was not getting anything better to start with so let me jump to the shampoo itself.

I am not a die hard fan of biotique products but I don’t hate them too.Some of them work for me and some don’t.This time I picked up Biotique Walnut Bark hair cleanser (For fine and thinning hair)because of the ingredients which it contains.

Price of Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo is Rs 159 for 210ml


Biotique bio walnut bark fresh sruit body building shampoo


 Ingredients -It has Ritha, Amla, Bhingraj, Akhrot Chal which are considered to be one of the best hair care ingredients.I have personally used ritha and amla and they are miracle remedies in hair care.
It doesn contain SLS therefore it is not 100% herbal.

What is Wlanut Bark – Walnut Bark is derived from a black furrowed tree that exudes a dark brown honey with smoothing and strenghtening properties.This rich, body-building formula is a blend of pure walnut bark, musk root, amla, soap nut and black malya flower to throughly cleanse and revive hair for a fuller, thicker, lifted look.

Biotique walnut shampoo

Shampoo is thick in consistency and in one wash it removes oil from  the hair easily

Biotique body building shampoo

My experience with the product:-

Last time I used Loreal Paris total repair 5 shampoo and conditioner which didn’t impressed me after using this one I felt  Biotique Bio Walnut shampoo bringing  nice change to my hair texture.It cleaned my oily hair and there was not much of hair fall either.I am not sure how good it will be for fine and thinning hair but it is some where body building and did add some volume to my hair.

Few days back my hubby friend saw this product box in our home and he asked me whether I use this shampoo.He said that this is the only shampoo which he is liking in Hyderabad hard water and he bought it after using it in one of the renowned hotel of Bangalore .So result after the conversation was ??

Next day  I saw my hubby also using the shampoo

1. Herbal ingredients(not 100% though)
2. Decently priced
3.Lathers well and cleanse thoroughly
4.210 ml quantity of shampoo  lasts for around 20 days.
5. I like its herbal amla ritha fragrance.
6. Makes my hair feel smooth and keeps my hair oil free for  long time in winters.( Not sure about summers in this case)

Dislike –
Like most of the shampoo it doesn’t help much in hair fall.

Will I Re- Purchase again – Yes, all in all I liked the shampoo if I compare with the recent shampoo which I have invested in.

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  1. cool post! how are u doin,, am just too busy packing an getting myself ready to leave,,I have not been blogging either(am not even infront of the laptop too much as i get sucked too easily into the web lol).I hope u r doin great
    My recent post DEAR LEE NAIL POLISH

  2. hello anamika, how r u???.
    i liked this review and will try it… i am using fab india aloe vera protein shampoo which u recommended me… its great luv u for giving such a nice advice…. i have visited a lot many other sites by links bt like this one most, this site is very informative than others…. u r great and giving very good information …. thaks yaar.

  3. Hey Nisha, Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you used the shampoo…I try my best to give the best knowledge of the product and to be honest too…

    thank u so much for the appreciation and do keep in touch.:)


  4. Hi,
    Very nice and informative site.will appreciate any info on shampoos without SLS.
    also,where in Pune can i get Patanjali products?

    thanks a lot

  5. Don’t go for this shampoo turns my hair grey… i wanted volume and bounce there so used that..did give volume but after 1-2 weeks saw some grey hair around temple area. There is no change in regime otherwise!!

  6. Hi ,
    I just it bought in PUNE today and used it right away.
    I am from Germany, blond thin hair 🙂
    For me, it seems to be great, too. Though I do not like the smell, too much like soap. It seems to give really a bit of volume and lets the hair feel stronger without getting too dry and fluffy. It can be combed quite easily without using a conditioner afterwards (maybe from time to time). I highly recommend it! 🙂

    • UPDATE of my review of Jan 28: After using the shampoo for more than 2 weeks now, my hair is getting more and more weak und it started getting oily very quick! I cannot recommend it any more. Too bad!


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