Biotique Coconut Milk Cream Review (Depigmentation And Skin Whitening Cream)

By Nisha,
Hello Wise She Readers!!!
How you beauty junkies doing??
I am impressed with Biotique Shampoo (walnut Bark) and then got Biotique coconut milk cream for myself.
We already know benefits of milk cream and how milk cream products bring glow  to our skin so when I came across this one I couldn’t resist picking it up:)
Biotique skin whitening and de pigmentation cream

Product Claim:– It is a Depigmentation and Skin Whitening Cream. It contains extracts of Coconut, Dandelion, Manjishta and natural oils that help in lightening skin blemishes and in depigmentation.

Major Ingredients: Coconut Extract, Manjistha, Dandelion Extract.

Contains extracts of Coconut, Dandelion Manjishta and Natural oils that help in lightening your skin, softens blemishes and takes away sun tan.With the Coconut Milk Cream, your skin is fairer and smoother.

Price –
Rs 180/- of 50gm and the product expiry date is 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Biotique coconut milk cream review
To use: Apply over face and neck preferably in the evening before using a moisturizer or nourisher.

1. The cream is light,  when i applied on my skin it easily absorbed and make my skin smooth & soft.
2. It lighten the skin tone & blemishes in great way.
3. Enough moisturize skin & didn’t breakout.
4. Nice fragrance. A little amount require to apply.
5. Not contains any harmful chemical. 100% herbal product.
6. It comes in a travel easy green tub.
7. Decently Priced.

Biotique coconut milk cream

1. It can be little greasy for oily skin, can be used as night cream ( I use it as both day & night cream).
2. No Detail About SPF
3. It comes in a deep tub ,for applying i have to use my fingers , so i think it can be a little hygienic issue.

Recommendation: I think its a great product for removing tanning & blemishes of skin...I recommend this  for all.

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  1. I used this for a week and it removed my tan noticeably. But i’m very scrared of using the depigmentation items, so stopped immediately. Now its sitting at a corner. I think i might have to bring it out again in summer

  2. I have it…din use it regularly tho so donno how much does it work but I find it too difficult to apply as it gets absorbed very quickly….and if you apply even a little bit more the face gets too oily even if you have dry skin…..

  3. Hi Tulsi, a particular cream has different effects on different skin, so may be this cream will remove ur tan too! only thing is that u will have to use it at least for 15days for the result to show up + cover up your skin while out under sun.. :-))

  4. I’m having open pores, pingemnted skin, i’ve purchased “Biotique-coconut milk whitening & brightening cream”. so far i’ve used it for 2 days… but it’s difficult to apply in scars..anybody having idea on applying on scars..please help me…THANKS in Advance.

  5. Hey ,

    I am badly tanned … my skin color is not recognizable even to me, leave my friends and family surprises. I bought it and been using it since last 3 days but it makes me look oily and even more dark … Will it work to remove the tan or shall I get something else … ??

    Thnx 🙂

    • Hi Neha,

      Ive never used this Biotique product but I swear by the Natures essence Lacto Tan which was reviewed 2 days earlier. It removes my tan really quick and i even use it in my hands and feet…

  6. i am using this right now from 3-4 weeks. It has definitely removed my tan and made my skin glow. The pigmentation aroung my lip area has reduced slighlty. but i am thinking of buying FabIndia’s depigmentation cream. Can anybody tell me which one is better ?

    • Hi Madhura,

      Biotique is very old brand, This is the brand which is available mostly is every states, As there is a surety of quality with no side affect , As I have used it before , But my skin is pretty good state so I keep on changing products. and I Do purchased FABINDIA moisturiser & night cream and it reacted , on 2 day only some rash happened , so I have stopped using FABINDIA.

  7. Today i had gone to purchase the coconut milk cream bt the salesgirl discouraged me to buy it.SHE SAID THAT IT DOESNOT HYDRATE DRY SKIN MUCH.

    • Hi Indrani,

      It is extremely hydrating, Even mine is super dupper dry, but after application it make my face soft & supple.
      Currently am using only at night.

  8. or please suggest a good product that is available in the market to reduce underarm darkness. i’m a fair skinned woman, and its starting to go dark now.. i’m worried. please help me out guys. thank you. suggest a product that really works. :weep:

  9. I have combination skin with more of dryness, acne and marks. please sugges if this cocunut milk will reduce the acne, marks and dryness

  10. i am 27 years old from last 2 years i have pigmentation marks on my nose, cheeks , forehead i used hydroquinine creams but no use will this product work for me ?…. plz some one help me plz………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  11. Will this cream removes underarm darkness permanently?can it use in the vaginal areas for removing darkness?for how many days can we use this cream for best results?


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