Biotique Thyme after shampoo conditioner for additional volume to hair review

I am a Biotique product fan and keep buying different stuff for myself. This Brand has become quite popular in India and is preferred by many. Two month ago during my visit to the store I found Thyme after shampoo conditioner for additional volume to hair and I really wanted to buy it. I have fairly strong and thick hair and credit goes to all the herbal remedies which I keep trying on my hair otherwise there was a time when I had completely ruined my hair texture and volume.
Now my hair have become so strong that I end up using everything which I come across and I guess they have become use to of it .They know their owner is a maniac and can shock them any time. So I bought this product thinking of adding volume to my hair every now and then.
Here is my review of the product
What it claims-Contains Thyme along with Lavender oil, peppermint oil and the natural sap of the berberis tree. Helps revitalize hair and scalp. Stop hair loss.
How to use-Shampoo you hair as usual and take small amount into the palms .Massage through hair and scalp .Rinse well.
Contents-Trachyspermum Ammi Ext.(Ajwain Kwath)
Helianthus Annus Oil(Surajmukhi Tail)
Olea Europea Oil(Jaitun tail)
LavenderStroechas Oil(Pudhina Tail)
Mentha Arvensis Oil (Pudhina Tail)
Berberies Aristata Ext.(Daruhaldi Kwath)
Soyabean Protein
Purified water
Price:Rs 135 for 210 ml
After going through all the ingredients mentioned on the product I thought my search for best market product which will add volume to my hair has ended but I was so wrong. This is what I experienced
1. When I used the product I started suffering from hair fall. I thought this is because I am using it for the first time. Generally when you change shampoo or conditioner you lose bit of hair. I ignored the result and thought of using it again.
2. Yes it did add volume to my hair but make them look little dry too.
3. Next time when I used I had severe hair fall and my heart sank. But still I am a nut and I don’t throw away product that easily therefore I tried it for the third time also. Damn!!! Hair fall again.
4. The ingredients mentioned in the product are all known to me and they are wonder full ingredients for your hair but somehow my hair didn’t accept them though I have experimented 100 of things on them .
5. When I used the product I thought I am applying water in my hair and I just couldn’t feel anything.
6. Thankfully when I used it in my hair it was not smelly otherwise things would have been worse.
7.I can’t think of even single likes about this product excapt that it did add little volume to my hair which I can easily get with some other product without losing them.
Worth a buy? -Need I say more? It surely not worth for me .May be it didn’t suit my hair and can suit someone else  but I doubt that also

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  1. Wow, I was thinking of buying this product. Now, you have made me positively against it. But, I have noticed a problem with Biotique products. I claims to be herbal and everything but the ingredient list does not really reveal anything. It shows some list of ingredients which take aroun just at max 10% of the product and then it states a lotion base or some other base about which there is no indication. So, I do not really understand that is it really free of chemicals as it proclaims.


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