Biotique Wheat Germ Cream Nourishment For Dry Skin


By Shrilata,

It has now become my habit to keep searching for products which are meant for dry skin . Recently I visited Health and Glow and was checking Biotique section when I came across this Wheatgerm Cream which is meant for dry skin and thought of giving it a try. I haven’t used Biotique products much , so was not so sure about them and decided to purchase only this one .


What the Product Claims:Nourishes dehydrated skin and helps cure skin problems like acne, pimples etc.

Price of the Product: The product is priced at Rs180/- for 55g.

Ingredients: (Hardly could I read the ingredients mentioned on the pack, they are so minute).

Ankurit Gehun 5%

Gajar Beej 3%

Kulanjan 2.5%

Surajmukhi  1%

Badam Tail

QS Cream Base

How to Use – After cleansing and freshening smooth over face and neck with upward strokes.



Biotique wheat germ nourishing cream for dry skin nourishing cream

My Experience with the Product:

It’s a multipurpose product for me, I use it as a facial massage cream or as a night cream . It stays on my skin for longer duration so I don’t need to reapply  it regularly.

It contains  ingredients which are known for being rich in vitamin sources like A, D, and E, B1, B2, B3, B6, F, they are helpful in promoting skin cell formation, nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin,helps in getting rid of scars and dull skin, improves complexion, helps fighting against sunburns, helps in dealing with skin irritations like acne and pimples. What else we need ?

The texture of the cream is somewhat thick but still it gets absorbed in the skin very easily without much efforts and does not gives you a greasy feeling. It has a very mild and nice fragrance. Results are visible within few days. Skin is much softer .  I  spend most of my time under AC which dehydrates my skin and therefore I  carry it along with me as it helps  keeping my skin soft and supple.

I don’t  use this under sunscreen as it will leaves my  skin feeling greasy due to its thick texture. :(. Also it cannot be used under makeup (Its given on the pack that it can be used under makeup but it made my skin look and feel  very heavy and  greasy after sometime..




Biotique wheatgerm cream swatch


Biotique wheat germ cream review

Biotique wheatgerm cream  easily absorbed by skin


  • Despite being thick in texture it gets absorbed easily and does not make you feel greasy.
  • The goodness of the ingredients gives you very good results in shorter period and you can feel the difference in your skin.
  • Helps in improving complexion also.
  • Helps in getting rid of skin infections.(I don’t suffer from acne and pimples problem so don’t have much idea on this..but product claims to get rid of these.)
  • Helps in hydrating the skin. Good to use as a massage cream and night cream. It wake up with a soft and supple skin every morning.
  • Small amount is enough for single application.



  • The only prime concern with me to buy Biotique products is they come in a Tub. Whether it’s a lip balm or a skin cream or a face scrub you will get it in a tub. 😛
  • Cannot be used under sunscreen.
  • Cannot be used under makeup.

Will I Buy it again?Personally I liked the product and will repurchase it again.

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Which is your favourite Biotique Product ?


  1. Hi shrilata,
    in the whole article 2 times you said that it makes you greasy and two times you said it doesn’t 😛 😛
    BTW, i have dry skin n i used this product, it made me heavy n greasy so i always used it before going to bed. nice cream though… agree with all ur pros n cons except that it made me chip-chip…. but good one for winters when u want something heavy to protect ur dry skin :-)) :-))

  2. but u know what, me too oilie…but my skin loves this cream in winters..
    infact i have found only this cream has the required texture which is needed for winter dryness…it gives intense moisturization in winters even to oily skin…of course for summers its a strict no-no for me 😛 😛

  3. I like using this one and saffron youth dew as massage cream at night. It is heavy but gives a good amount of moisturisation and glow to the skin. I don’t mind using it in summers if the AC is on but otherwise I start sweating 🙁

  4. can you please tell me..where can I get these Biotique products in India… especially in South India, Andhra Pradesh…


  5. As mentioned in the specifications, that it tightens the skin, n u ll luk younger. M a 21 year old gal. And i dont require any tightening of skin. And in addition my skin is a bit oily. Is this cream apt for me?? Or other biotique cream that i can use during night, as my skin is sensitive, and biotique products suits me well.

  6. I’d like order some Biotique Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night creams from India?
    Can anyone recommend me a good address, website, Email etc..?

  7. Hi,

    My skin is very dry & rough, I want a product which I can use for body & my face.

    I need a face moisturizer for dry & dull skin.

    Thank you:)


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