Black Marks On Face – Suggestions


I have been getting many queries related to this topic.If any of you know some treatment or solution for it then do help out these girls.


Gajalakshmi asks,

Hi.I have black marks on my face due to pimples and also sun tan.Can you give me suggestion to get rid of it.
Ponnarasi Suppaiah

Hai sis..I would like to ask something.. I had chicken pox 1 month ago.. How do i remove the scars n marks? Is there any way? Thanks



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  1. it’s the same pblm with me , i get loads of pimples which leave terrible marks behind, but applying lemon juice on the spots and using a pack of besan mixed with yoghurts is a life saver for me :yippee: .. i also use a mask made of milk powder mixed with almond oil and honey, it may sound weird 😛 and it’s damn delicious too, but it may have good effects if u resist urself eating it 😉 and try using as a mask once or twice a week..

  2. hi gajalaxmi, i also had the same problem earlier, when i was in college. i tried potato and lime juice which not only gave me a brightened complexion but the scar marks and blemishes were also greatly reduced.. till now i use these method at least once in a week as it is simple and hassle free. first do make sure that u dont have any allergy with the mentioned items (sensitive skin). hope it helps you and works for u.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. my best friend had some pigmentation marks on her face…and she religiously mixed home made sandal paste + rose water everyday…apply this for 20 minutes, wipe with a cold cloth and do not use soap. if u r not allergic to sandal, you can also apply this paste on the spots and it worked for her…all the best 🙂

  4. You can try mixing almond powder with milk and lemon juice . Make a paste out of it and apply it on your face, till it dries, then gradually scrub it off after dabbing it with rose water. But it also depends on how your skin reacts to these ingredients. You have to be careful if you are sensitive to any of these. Also applying almond oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice at night and washing it off in the morning helps……..But if your skin is oily, it might clog pores…….Also cucumber juice, tomato juice, lemon juice and honey mixed together and applied on face helps…….just see which one works for you……..all the best :yes:

  5. plz chk with dermatologist but for my acne scars i was given depiwhite cream and for when i had chocken pox.. contratubex cream.they work wonders but i wud suggest chkg with your doctor first !

  6. whenever u use any home remedy do go for a patch of my cousion tried lemon juice(she didn’t dilute it or mix it) and results were don forget the patch test ladies.

  7. Dermas are the best in this regards. You can use OTC meds for maintenence purpose later. Dermas will suggest if you need any ‘Chemical Peeling’ to reduce the colouration of marks or just a dermabration would do. Please visit one right away. For the time being use a sunscreen whenever you go out even if its for 10mins.

    Use Tretinoin 0.25 cream alternate nights. Your skin will start peeling and become photo sensitive. So be extra cautious about sunscreen and moisturization.

  8. I have been facing with acne scar issue…For the new marks that appeared on my face…I applied witch blemish stick…which removed the acne as well as scar…it really worked for me…I am talking about new acne scar minimising…for people with more acne as well as scars…This won’t be effective…

  9. my younger teenage brother also had chicken pox 2 months ago…. i bought him the Bleminor anti-blemish cream from the Himalaya brand(available only at the himalaya outlets), after using which the marks r slowly fading away…


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