Blake Lively Best Hairstyles


Blake Lively Best Hairstyles

Okay! So another post on our favorite Blake Lively. She has actually become a favorite pass time for me and I am sure many more of us because she is just way too gorgeous!

I am already feeling like a celebrity copying her style of dressing, her hairstyles and her makeup. Well, her simpleton avatar is also stylish; I just cannot describe how envious I feel when I compare my messy bun with her so carefully crafted bun. When I read that she dresses up and does her makeup and styling all by herself quite often, I just could not hate myself more for not being able to dress up at all.

Nevertheless, I shall keep trying! I shortlisted some Blake Lively hairstyles, so thought to share them with you as well.

Blake Lively Messy Bun

blake messy bun style

This is one of my favorite styles as it is universal and goes fine with any kind of Indian or Western attire. It is a messy bun with flicks falling just at the tip of the bun towards your ears. It gives that royal look to your face. Simply put, a best, quick hairstyle to add millions to your looks. With a nice dress or a saree or even a suit, this hairstyle can never go wrong!

Blake Lively braid

braid hairstyle

Ok this one is tempting. The braid as is falling on her shoulders can be yours too! It seems simple to make. As far as I understand, it is made from pony tail, braiding done so perfectly. It is looking so stylish and can be paired with a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt to give you the hip look. A simple high pony replaced with this hip braid worth a try!

Blake Lively Half Up Hairstyle


This one is rather popular amongst youth these days across the globe. A hairstyle to die for! With a portion of your hair tied at the back using the bob pins, with half untied hair falling on your shoulders. Simple flick on forehead and sides, curling done on the falling hair, and you are done!

Blake Lively Braided Up do

blake lively messy bun

This is a rocking hairstyle for a formal party or a marriage or any other social gathering. A braided up do with all hair tied into a bun at the back using bob pins. The hairstyle might require a use of lot of hair sprays for wavy hair like mine but I guess it’s worth it, isn’t it? Specially because I am also not much into makeup these days, so seems a useful try for me.

Blake Lively Loose Bun


Okay, this one seems the trickiest! A side parting done to your front hair, with neat creases straightened to the maximum possible level. Then a loose bun knitted together using a lot of black pins which are visible as well, creating an attention grabbing look for sure! The strands of hair falling out of the bun are making so much a part of this loose hair bun. A must try if you are readying for a party.

I came across these 5 hairstyles, each one distinct from the other. I shortlisted these because I feel, these can go for any hair length or type. With my kind of hair which is curly, shoulder length and dry looking, all these hairstyles can be of use for all kind of gatherings I go to. Hope this is helpful to you as well.

Which one out of these hairstyle do you like most?

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