Blake Lively Inspired Hair Tutorial Step By Step


                                                          Blake Lively ‘s hairstyle tutorial

Ever since I’ve learnt to work my fingers for eating(I’m a foodie!!) , I’ve also  learnt to use it for hairstyling. I was always the girl in school with a new hairstyle everyday. Braids have always been one of my “run-to” hairstyle when i run out of options. I’ve seen that Blake Lively is rocking the braided looks these days and i can’t wait to try them out one by one .J (by the way, ever since i saw Blake lively in Green lantern, I find her so hawttt!!! – yes FYI i am very straight hehe)


blake lively+Hair care+tutorial braids




Usually its my room mate these days who is the victim of my different hairstyle model. But since she has medium length hair I couldn’t try it on her so i had to call in my back up model (my juniors) hehe. My juniors love it when i style their hair and they are forever like “didi, when are you gona try new hairstyles on us” . I make their hairstyles on college fests and any other function . Anyway cutting to the chase, here’s a tutorial of one of Blake Lively’s hairstyle.

Steps Of Tutorial

  • Make a high pony tail
Blake Lively Inspired Hair Tutorial Step By Step+Hair style tutorial
  • Take a section of the hair
Blake Lively Hair & Make Up tutorial
  • Clip it and keep this hair section separate.
Hair style tutorial pony tail+Hair care tutorial+Hair care
  • Make tiny multiple regular braids of the remaining hair as shown in the pic.
regular braids hair style+Hair tutorial +Braid hair tutorials
  • Now take the separated section and divide it into 2 equal parts
How to Get Blake Lively's Hair+Hair style +tutorials Hair style
  • Start twisting them around each other until you reach the end
How to Get Blake Lively's Hair+hair tutorial hair style +hair care
  • Take that twisted hair and wrap it around the braided hair bunch
twisted hair and wrap it around the braided hair bunch
  • and tie them together
Blake Lively hair style+Hair style tutorials+Hair care
  • and your Blake lively’s hairstyle is ready!!
Hair tutorials blake lively+bLKE LIVELY braids

How to wear Blake Lively Inspired Hair Tutorial :-


  1. on formal parties with a gown (like she s done it in the pics)
  2. with denims and go casual
  3. definitely a must try hairstyle to beat the summer’s heat

!!!enjoy making it !!!


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  1. wow phil u made it luk so easy. :yes: . i never braided my hair i thot it was uncool but now m luving it..d messy side braid..i get so many compliments for it 😀

  2. Totally Loved the hairstyle…. i wish i cud make it too…… my hair is so thin 😛
    if i separate one section of my hair………the rest wud only make 1 or 2


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