Blake Lively Makeup Looks


Blake Lively Makeup Looks

Blake Lively, known for her summery shine face and beautiful looks is definitely a fashion icon. She is an ideal for many and it seems females all over the Globe worship her for her fashion sense and looks.

Let’s probe into some of her beauty treats confused? Her different and vibrant avatars are itself beauty treats! So just join me and see what the secret for those lovely awesome sensuous looks is.


Red Carpet Look


She is best known for her vibrancy! She never settles down for one look for long. Fair enough! We are not against many a looks ourselves, what say? For the red carpet look, as disclosed by her personal makeup in charge – Elaine Offers. As per Elaine, she takes care of Blake’s face, lips and eyes in each of its special and unique ways which makes her look so hawwt!

For her Face: One night prior to the event, Blake’s face is nourished using Olie Biologique oil and Sircuit Secret Sauce Moisturizer which make her face glow. Anti-tan cream and L’oreal blush also form part of her vanity.

For her eyes: I could not believe when I read that her smoky eyes are done only using a pencil! Unbelievable isn’t it? L’oreal Kohl could do so much was never known to me! Elain does some finishing work to her brows to complete the look.

For her lips: As per Elaine, Blake prefers nude makeup for her lips and has a fetish for glossy lips. So all shades of pink and peach form part of the palette used for her lips.

TV Show Look


Her hair, open with a side-claw, her brown leather dress and her nude makeup are all so beautifully done. I actually am envious of her simpleton yet classy look. There is not even a hint of makeup on her face and still she looks gorgeous.

In this black dress, another one for some interview on TV, she looks gorgeous in her black and golden dress and simply straightened hair. Her hair falls so perfectly on her face and shoulders as if she is not even moving. The makeup again is nude with little bit of accessories, like her earrings.

The oomph look


I just happened to read somewhere that Blake does her makeup and hair herself quite often. In fact she does not like putting on much makeup and stuff and feels to use her own skills like using a hairbrush and a dryer to put on a bun all by herself! Unbelievable really, isn’t it!

For the million-dollar look she has, I am not too sure what to say here.

As per her, she does not sometimes get time for makeup, so she just puts some under eye cream to do away with the dark circles and puts on a L’oreal Watermelon lip shade which is a rich nude color that comes out well.

For her hair, she just blow dries them and prefers doing a ballerina bun.

She seems so normal like us isn’t it? We can easily imbibe what she does and may be improve on our looks tremendously. Of course, a healthy diet and sleep regime is definitely required to reach where she is. For those amongst us who are not so much into makeup, she is definitely a celebrity to look up to.

Which of these Blake Lively Looks you like best?

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