Bleached Hair Problems – Help!


Eesha asks,

#my apology for such a long msg but pls read … Preety please
I had my hair coloured in dip dye red a month back and it came out Awsome… But… It took me 5 hrs to get them bleached to a tone on which the color would work as you  would know… As I was/ am a religious follower of heena +egg+ curd pack using it once a month and applying hair oil before ever wash I did when ever would simply vanish my need to apply conditioner at all for Atleast a month… So now the problem is that.
My hair dresser says it takes a major toll on hair.. to apply heena for so long and its been 2 months that my hair har got its food and I don’t have the miracle genes… Now that my hair has come down to that golden brown tone and all the color has gone I started with egg hair packs with honey curd multani mitti in small proportions .
Its is like simply refusing to work on my hair … Egg said to be miraculous still arenas to have a zero effect
I have tried 3 to 4 application in a spacing of 2weeks and its not even giving my hair a hope to continue… Only way to bring some life is when I apply conditioner and I am not a fan of using any sorts of chemical in my hair except shampoo…
And to get more hair color done I need to avoid heena also… Right now I just cant use it as will  give me  disastrous color I know…Anyway!Plz suggest some thing maybe something to replace heena in my hair pack with curd/egg …it dosent seem to work on me anymore…..
Ps  – I wanna avoid chemical packs and all whole heartedly… I know they work wonders … Still they are  just addictive … Addiction I had to rehab my self to get away from and now can’t even use heena …

Also I am planning on re touching my Color without bleaching it again.. coz I just can’t live with this brownish tone .. so oene more reason to avoid heena



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  1. Heena and color can never go together. I suggest you use amla and reetha in your pack. I insist that you use paraben free conditioner since the condition of ur hair that you mentioned, you really need to use conditioner till your hair revive.

  2. Hi, try this
    Blend half of a banana with two ounces of water, then adding a quarter cup of mayonnaise, a tablespoon each of coconut, olive and jojoba oils and two tablespoons of honey. The mask should be smooth with no large chunks of fruit. Strain the mixture in a strainer if necessary before applying it from roots to ends.


    Mix half a ripe avocado, a quarter cup mayonnaise, one tablespoon each of coconut oil, olive oil and honey, and two ounces of water. Work the mask into your scalp to soothe dryness, then massage it in from roots to ends to maximize all-over shine.


    In a blender, add half a ripe avocado, one egg, a tablespoon each of olive oil, coconut oil and honey, along with one ounce of water. Pulse until creamy. Apply to strands and rinse out after 20 minutes.

    all this work great on me, it may useful for u

  3. u torture ur hair with color n bleach u need to deep condition it or ur hair is going to break off in chunks… invest in a good hair mask like sunsilk keratinology or loreal hairspa… believe me, ur hair needs silicon… this no chemichal thought will ultimatly break it off… because tht works only for normal virgin hair… also apply a serum before going out in sun…
    please stp using henna on bleached and colored hair… apply a paraben free keratin conditioner….


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