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This is Harini from Chennai. A very happy new Year to u and to ur family. I am a big t fan of your blogs. You are giving unbiased reviews about many products. I bought many products after seeing your reviews and suggestions like patajali, Lotus, fabindia products etc. All the products are too good. 1st of all, I should convey my thanks to u and hats off for the effort u have put in to explain and narrate about each products.

But My problem is this.. I have blemishes in my face because of pimples. But my skin is a combination skin. If i use any products for pimples it will become so dry and after few days it will become oily and again pimples will come during my periods time and again blemishes.. 🙁

I also have dark spots on my hands which is not at all lightening by any products since the skin is very thick. Please suggest me some products which suits my skin. I hope u will reply be back.. Thanks in advance 🙂


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  1. Hey Harini…dont fret about it! we all have it 🙂
    i dont know any product, but i can recommend pure sandalwood & rose water. my BFF had some really ugly black marks thanks to her acne, it vanished after 3 months of regular usage 🙂 try it out…everynight!

  2. hey harini… sometime back i used mederma on my scar (Result of crashing against big pile of bricks) that i had since i was a child.. it helped in lightening the scar, also i tried them a bit on pimple marks.. although i didn’t use it regularly , but whatever it still made them light..

  3. i have same prob lyk u harini.. u can try herbal remedies..dere r many u can find on wiseshe but if u impatient lyk me 😀 n d herbals didnt work u can consult a good dermatologist who will guide u properly :-))

  4. I have used Benzoyl peroxide .25% on my face when I was struggling with Acnes and use it very less now. My doctor had suggested me that.

    But I would suggest you approach a dermatologist, and check if its safe for you.

  5. From experience
    Jovees Veg peel(not used but read good reviews)
    Chandik Herbal Treatment(for acne-using for 8 years now)
    Lacto tan clear (natures essence) on hands (for lightening minor marks)

  6. Hmmm…i would suggest visit a derma before its too late…mean time, if you have access to Nature’s Essence products, there is thing line of range called ‘Magic’..they’ve got a depigmentation oil…apply it over night daily for a month for visible results…hope it did help me for the pigmentaion marks on my hand that i had…

  7. we all have them i think….me started using besan+haldi+curd+lemon…use it religiously for 45 days and my friend said it compltely worked for her cousin…so try karne me kya burayi…right?? :-))

  8. A lot of us have the same problem Harini. U can try the following products:
    Dove oily skin care facewash
    Fabindia tea tree toner
    Brihans green leaf aloe vera gel
    Biotique fruit pack
    Ponds re-brightening night treatment

    Pls do remember than any product takes time n consistency to take effect. N what may suit me might not suit u. Hope this helps 🙂

  9. I cannot recommend one product but since my skin is same as yours and i had big time dealing with same problem i can suggest you something.

    1st i visited derma to stop the current bout of acne i had in repeated cycles he gave me azithromycin gel and tablets for 15 days that solved my once gone and again coming back of acne . Then I had to deal with the acne marks.

    the derma’s gel did help in lightening but didn’t completely resolve the issue. So i opted these methods :
    1. I made my own toner at home with rose water + tea tree oil + clove oil (few drops) both clove oil and tea tree oil are antiseptic and help in lightening acne marks.

    2. I started using alpha moist moisture + lacto calamine and started seeing visible results like after arnd 6 months so you need to have patience with them.

    3. I changed my scrub to home made one it had orange dried peels + lemon juice + chandan powder + multanni mitti it acted as scrub and pack twice week greatly helped to improve skin textture . Did help to reduce the darkness of acne marks. You may add almond powder to it that also helps.
    NOTE Use on both neck and face or else neck will be left behind dark and patchy.

    4. Recently past 2 months i brought fab india de pigmentation cream — thought i didn’t get it for acne marks but it did help in brightening skin complextion and reducing the effect of acne marks. Note it contains diff chemicals so i don’t recoomend to use it for long term few months then break is good way to use it.
    Also i did use jovees veg peel but i didn’t observe a great diff with that temporarily got a chalky white look but didnt reduce the impact of acne marks.

    Sorry for long comment.

    P.S – wise she looking lovely with new color 🙂


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