Bling Clutches This Season


Bling Clutches:-

bling clutched India


Wanna stand out from the others but don’t have a sexy elegant dress???

Gals, trust me, No need to stress, coz here‘s what you  can do THE BEST ….Ummmm….Sorry for that stupid rhyme..Lame! I know: P

Coming to the point,

First of all, Holla at all you beautiful gals out there 😀

It’s a brand new day and I am sure you gals already must have plans for the week ahead 🙂

Well, I atleast look forward to weekends, being a Working women can be so stressful at times L and weekends are such a blessing to Us 😀


So I was planning to go clubbing this evening with moi girlfriends and that’s something I do frequently  coz “BEING WITH UR GALS IS THE BESTEST THING EVER”(Honestly, I don even enjoy with my boyfriend that much :P) See I have a tendency to go off track, SPARE ME for that 😛

So while I was hunting for something HAWT to wear for tonight , I realized I am running out of party clothes coz I am done wearing all of them. So now what should I do?? Should I repeat my clothes??? NO WAYYYY! NIGHTMARE :O :O …I have been admired for not repeating my clothes for any occasions!

Hmmmmm….Buy a new pair ??? Just for a clubbing???… Oh no… and too short notice also L

So what the heck should I do???

Hmmmmm…hmmmmm…..hmmmmm…..IDEAAAAAAA 😀 😀 😀


I love carrying clutches and bling bags coz it just change me from a gal next door to a chic 😉

And I have so many of them so why not make use of it.. all gifted though and I love gifts 😀 😀

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research work and found out that bling clutches are so IN and trendy these days, I have even found most of my gals having one ATLEAST!

And just incase you are wondering , you can only wear them with party outfits , u are absolutely WRONG!!!

Bling clutches are made in such an order that u can not only carry them with a ‘oh-so -sexy party outfit’ but it even goes great on a plain outfit.


Below are few pictures of what am talking about: P


Bling clutches India 2


Who said “All that glitters is not gold…Of coz it’s not gold, it can be silver, black anything u want”: P: D

Just team your bling clutch with any of your old pair of clothes, a nice pair of shoes and a nice BIG ring and you are GOOD TO GO!!! 😀




bling cultches fashion blog3


I totally Admire PARIS HILTON’s style statement, she inspires me truly when it comes to clutches.

She has some really amazing collection of clutches and I think she just can’t live without them.

There is one for every dress.  😀


See below


Bling clutch paris holton+red dress with bling clutch


Paris holton clutches



Sonam kapoor has an international dressing style and she loves experimenting with her self.She has successfully created a benchmark for all Indian actresses when it comes to fashion.She is flamboyant unique and classy with her dressing sense.


sonam kapoor clutches


Few other Bollywood celebrities


deepka padukone in bling clutches



 MUST Have’s – I think BLACK, GOLD & SILVER is mandatory and wearable too.They will go on any outfit : D

 Will I repurchase them??? – Of course, I am planning to stock my wardrobe with all the available colors.

And they aren’t much pricey either. You can easily get them in the range of 400 to 2000 from  anywhere.

If you are very good in street shopping then you might find them in even more cheaper rates.


I simply love carrying clutches <3 & my mum & dad said u should do what you love …: P

This is my Bling clutch 🙂


bling clutch mine


What about u gals, will u do what u love?? I mean do u like wearing clutches??? 🙂

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  1. I was so excited t see this post that I opened it on my cell since i cant seem to get the pics to open on my lappy..soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Fab post Erica..

    I am a clutch lover too but have very few bligy ones coz i too thought they were only for occasions..but now this post makes me wana whip out a bligy clutch and carry it for a girls day out! 🙂

  2. Nice post Erica…. love your bling accesory 🙂 Being a mom of a one year old I havent carried a clutch in a while or see myself doing that for some time 🙁 🙁 🙁
    But I love clutches… the bling-ier the better 🙂 🙂 🙂 Black of course is the clasiest 🙂

  3. it tuk so much tym to crappy network today n oh my gosh..luv itttttttt :inlove: it gorgeous erica..i just have two bling cluth for parties but i want tht heart one so badly :inlove: :inlove:

  4. so right on the clucthes!!! love ur’s!!

    i am in a golden clutch phase and bought 2 recently…i have 3 weddings to attend anyways (thats my excuse for the purchase) 😉 😉

  5. Thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhhhh …All! I just love bling clutches and bags ….they r very trendy and classy..completes ur look totally.. And Am truly inspired by NICOLE my friend.. She has one for all her dresses …NICOLE…baybay..This is 4 u! Mwaaah :kissing: :inlove: :rock-n-roll:

  6. Nice post Eri… i jus loved ur blingggg accessoryy … mwaaahhh gal.. i would soon lyk to buy 1 of dem.. nd will soon buy it for myself ..loved ur clutch babe.. :* <3

  7. OMG babelicious, this is fan-bloody-tastic( :lipstick: )
    from the hilton picchas to the tips and examples, all soo well presented!!! way to go!
    ( :rose: ) me not a bling person, but def a clutch one, ive got almost all the colors.
    waiting for more such coloumns from ya honeybun ( :in love: )

    ****kisses and hugs****

  8. @Jennifer D’souza – Thank u soooo much Baby! I am Powered by – U! :dance-left-right: …lolz…
    Well, thank u sooooo much! I will help u with your shopping… Dont worry 😉 😀
    Will go shopping together … :drunk: :lipstick:

    keep visiting this section..I have loads to come :evilgrin:

  9. Nice post Eri… i jus loved ur blingggg accessoryy … mwaaahhh gal.. i would soon lyk to hve 1 of dem…. :* <3 Nyc clutch babes.. supa kewl..

  10. Supha….Duper likes….. :yes: ………..amazing wrk …..simple, sweet and sexy ……i too love bling clutches……i hv some too ……but very rarely use them……but looks like its time to get them all out …..good job…..bravoo……muahzzzzzz :lipstick: :star: :star: :star:

  11. Hey bebs……. 😀
    I was not used to carry matching clutches with my outfit 😛 …………..
    But after reading ur blog thinking abt giving a thought to it…..
    so shopping time………………… :dance-left-right: :yippee:

    BDW amazing observation Erica ……………………….. :lipstick:

  12. OMG!!! looks like after this BLINGY review ..I have to gift all my gf’s One clutch each! 😯

    With this speed, I ‘ll go bankrupt soon! Gals, please note ..Its just a review and not a GIVEAWAY..Lolz 😛

    But yess.. Meenu.. I owe U, sanjana and pooja…! Birthday’s are coming n no excuses will do.. I knw :silly: 😀

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