Happy Wednesday…Ladies!

It’s a supah dupah Wednesday because All of you will get to see my “bliss box”. I received it yesterday afternoon and everyone was going bonkers over my box 😛 As I am the first lucky girl to receive the March box, as per my knowledge no one has yet received their box, it is delayed due to some reason..STRANGE! Anyway, I was already very excited to go home and open my box but my girlies Anamika, Zara, Deepika, Upasana were even more excited than me to know “WHAT’S IN MY MARCH BOX”? 😀 Now I can’t keep them waiting till weekend. So what did I do?? LOL! I took a holiday today from work just to click the pictures and write on my Box. Hehehehe, I know crazy me 😛 Now please STOP LAUGHING ALL OF YOU! This is my love and dedication towards wiseshe and my friends ok! You should be happy that I am reviewing it for you 😛
Coming to my box! Hold your breath coz here it is! 😀


Blisscovered Box March reviews+Blisscovered march box reviews


Hahahaha…The opening ceremony! 😛
tan tadan…Here you go! 😀 😀 😀


Blisscovered Box sample box this month


Nicely wrapped in a purple paper, such a pretty view <3

The CK one Shock perfume 1.2ml only .Wish it would have been a little more atleast. I loved the fragrance. So feminine and fresh 🙂

CK one Shock perfume reviews


Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash 50ml

Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash reviews


Chambor Stay –On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil – 303 FOREVER BLUE 0.28gm


Chambor Stay –On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil – 303 FOREVER BLUE 0.28gm

I think by now All of us have atleast one of this eyeliner pencil. I found this in most of the blisscovered boxes. As soon as I got the box, the 1st thing I picked up was this and immediately tried it. And guess what? This came, I saw and I was conquered. 😛 I mean I am loving this totally <3

H20+ SPA Sea Salt hydrating body butter 30ml




Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate 5ml:-


to help reveal your skin’s youthful appearance. I wonder why they have chosen to give me this I already have a youthful skin so much so that I look 3yrs younger than my age 😛


Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate  reviews


My verdict on the blisscovered box –:-

I am like 60% happy and 40% disappointed as I was expecting more of make up in my box But not that I am not aware that blisscovered is partial towards skincare products or maybe they have them more in stock…who knows? 😛 I liked the Chambor Stay –On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron Face wash, The CK one Shock perfume more personally. I have told them not to send me any bath and toiletry product. I didn’t try the h20+ body butter till now, so cant comment, hoping it to be decent and about lancome’s youth activating concentrate, hehehe..I really don’t know why they felt the need to send me that? But OK! I am fine with it! I have noticed everyone has received the manual where in the item description is mentioned but I never got that :/ Yes, I have received the discount coupon incase I want to make my few purchase of the products from blisscovered. Overall, I feel my box is a combo of JAN & FEB’s blisscovered boxes 😛 I even want to mention that I got a mail one week back from blisscovered saying that If I don’t want to wait for my March box and if I liked the Feb box, I can opt for that but I din like the offer as I knew what the Feb box were like so I preferred waiting for the March box. Also, many of them haven’t got their March box and I got it early so I am suspecting they must have sent me the same box from the Feb edition.

Will I buy the blisscovered box again – Well, I think I have to see the March box from others, if its similar to mine then I am not going to buy again because they are more or less the same. Blisscovered needs to add variety in their boxes and please for heaven sake some more make up.


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  1. honestly i feel the brands are quite limited..they only have lancome.sheisido, chambor, clarins, h2o and forest essentials and last 3 months i have seen mix of above brands only..there are so many more good brands

    • Yes PARI! i have been very honest with my reviews and I write only what i felt about this box too.
      i am not tooo happy coz i thought it will be different but they just mix and match the same stuff and send.
      So bad! 🙁

  2. Ric Bliss wale have sent you just the right wash for your currently troubled skin..accha hai na….and that chutku ‘youthful….’ looks cute..maybe you’l look 10 years younger !! try it..

  3. wow!!!! iv literally been waiting from yesterday for my box and it hasnt reached me yet:(! tis is the 5th time tat i came in to c if someone got inn i must say u r the lucky one yo get it first:)!!
    n ur right, the box is disappointing!! 😐 i aint ordering the next one!!!!

  4. @anamika- thanx:)! did u order one too?
    @erica- yes i shall let u know:)! according to the track record mine has reached bangalore, it shud reach me tomo ?:-)

  5. i ordered my 1st bc box with much enthusiasm but am so unhappy with it. i should have figured it would be a mixture of things from their store. i had a full bottle of ck n got a sample of it:-( had lancome bi facil eye make up remover. got a sample of chambors. it blurred my vision at the store. just bought clarins face wash n id never Use forest essentials but got the neem face wash. n that h2o cream nothing so great. have others. n that genefique. im not a fan of it.i wish i wish i had things id never used. does anyone want my box n coupon? im sad that i spent 700 on it. i could ve got 5 kg chicken 4 that much! 🙁 sorry but i feel terrible.

    • hmmmm…probably! i dono..m dead sure they dono i m a blogger! plus they never even sent me the manual list of product description..i mean what the heck? :-/

  6. After all the hype and excitement this is a tad disappointing. But it’s still fab cosidering it’s ur 1st bliss box Erica. Enjoyyy!! :-))

  7. i’ve been asking them to send me a box for the past 2 months …last month they told me that they couldnt find me products for my beauty profile and this month they couldnt send me because of the huge demand ..had high hopes and am hugely dissapointed pretty sure i am never gonna order this ever again

  8. So now I’m really confused. I got the feb box and was pretty satisfied with it but got an email 2 days back saying there is going to be no march box. Actually I’m glad cause I don’t want more of the same stuff

    • Parul now when they have start sending Chambor eyeliner and eyeshadows i think MUFE will be a rare thing to discover in their box.

  9. Arre u know i got a mail that thr i no MARCH box…i know y now. coz they dont have different products wid them and cant repeat the old ones again na. :-/ bt m happy that they at least informed us abt it rather than making us wait. 🙂

    • Navneet.. Do try once.. But just go for 1month subsciption.. n c if u like dem!
      they are worth trying once at least…u never know u get products u like! :-))

  10. well, my march box (my first) has the same products as yours –
    fe face wash 50ml,
    lancome genifique 5 ml,
    h2o body butter 30ml,
    ck shock 1.2ml
    only difference – chamber eye make up remover 30ml instead of eye pencil
    no make up at all. the products are in such tiny sample sizes, it’s terribly disappointing. also i specifically said NO fragrances, and they sent me the ‘free sample’ size of ck shock.
    would i have spent 700 for these products? no way. am i happy with the bliss covered box? no way. is there a saving grace? yes… these tiny sample sizes make it simpler to pack a cosmetic case. and for that advantage 700 rupees? no way.

  11. I got the same one too! But I had opted for the Feb box option, so apparently this is my Feb one? Will there be another one for March?
    But yea, I wish there was more makeup and less skincare too.

  12. Was a silent reader on this blog but today I just had to comment! I had such a horrible experience with blisscovered. I had not received my box so i wrote to them. Initially I received a polite reply saying they had problems in delivering in my town so it was getting delayed. So I offered them an alternate address in a bigger city.. to whcih they said they will check and let me know. And I kept following up for two full weeks and all I heard was they will check and let me know. Finally I just gave up on them. They could have atleast just been honest with me and told me they cannot deliver. Never ordering from them again!

  13. I got a mail from Blisscovered offering me a refund as they said they cannot send the March box. Next day when I called for clarification…I was told noone was there in the office…. I wonder if its the scare of Glossybox and Ritzbox !

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