Blog New Look !



Whole day has passed by and we have been working non stop to give Wise She a new look.We wanted to make it cleaner and  you are going to see more changes coming up .Hope you enjoy browsing here  🙂

Suggestions are always welcome 🙂






  1. its aweosmeeee ana …. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: lovedddd the color and for suggestions ??
    you guys are best sweetie :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  2. Ana i’d suggest to change font back to harrington font for the header image 🙂 i luvd the previous header image too… this one is too hawwtt just change the font :beauty:

  3. wooowwwww dis is lukinggggggg so awesome……..pinkkkkkkkk :inlove: :inlove: ur hard work has paid so well.m just luving dis luk :-*

  4. ooh, I love the new look Ana….its so neat and organized, I;m getting that happy feeling which I get after freshly organizing my closet! :)) Two Thumbs up!! 🙂 🙂
    I would love a brighter pink in the colour scheme but thats just a personal preference 🙂

  5. brighter than this…let me check if it suits Keerthi..:) by the way i hope u do yur homework 2mrw and send me the post 🙂

      • hahahhaha yaar. been very busy. too much to handle. and fir mera lappy marr gaya.
        abhi free ho ke baithi hu! sorry gayab hone ke liye..
        mished wiseshe though.
        good to see awesome new look

        • thanks laptop has crashed third time since last year..thnakfully i have one extra of my hubby..ab to darr lagta hai ki ab gaya kal gaya 😛

          i knew u were busy as i didnt get to hear any bakar bakar of yur onFB na 😉

  6. OMG you won’t believe I’ve been cursing maintenance ever since I got up this morning! Finally it’s up and running! And whoa! Seriously di I must tell you, I LOVE this look! I second everyone’s thoughts out here, pink is gorgeousness! ^.^ and it’s so much more clutter free than before!! Great going!! :heart:

  7. looks so much cleaner and soothing and easy on the eyes… earlier it was a bit harsh looking.. and i used to hate the sort of horrible pink color headline color…. now looks really really good… :yes: :-))

  8. Anamika A BIG congrats to u .Blog looks more cleaner, soothing ,spacious and the color pink gives it a very pretty feminine feel ….WELL DONE friend

          • Haha!! Lucky fella.. And he deserves it totally… 🙂

            Was just haven a look.. A few suggestions if possible: homepage par we can see just one post ka brief…I liked the format b4 where we cud see 3-4 posts ke details.. Can we bring that back? Also the ads tk up lots of space right at the beginning..can it be there on the side instead?

  9. OMG Ana!!!!

    you must have worked so hard on this!!! blog maintenance is a pain in ***. hats off to you dear!!! I loved it. But I want more smileys…more animated ones…

    and here is your well deserved stars for your awesome job – :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


  10. SD…thanks to my hubby who has been a constant support and i have put yur stars in my pony tale so that i can flaunt them on weekend :D:D


    Love 🙂

  11. Suggestion : Can you make a list of recent posts available on the side bar? it made jumping to posts easier…i now need to go back to home and select topics…

  12. Its so neat now Ana! Congratulations!!!
    just one lil suggestion, if you could add pics for the posts on home, even little thumbnails are good. They will really encourage visitors to click, since not everyone would read text/title of each post.
    Great job!!! :clap: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  13. Anu, its neat and pleasant. Simple and elegant. i like it!!!
    just do something on the delivery part as i am still not getting any mails from you.
    one suggestion on about wiseshe tab…you have your old pic…i think there are other good pics…may b u shud use one of them…(its just my feel)

    • Which wise she tab you are talking about Dhanu ? also u will be getting your mails from today..we have been working to solve out the issue but havent been able to do it till now..lets see when we find out the glitch but ur certainy getting yur feeds from today 🙂


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