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Hi everyone!!!

As promised I am this time giving you a sneak peak of the products which I am going to sell  tomorrow which is Thursday 13th October.As always there will be no shipping charges of the products and there will be  some freebies and sale will be at 9.00pm IST and is open to all Indian residents

Here are the products

I have six Revlon custom eye shadows and I will selling off five only as one of them fell off   while clicking these picture :(.If any of you will buy 3 eye shadow then I will give that as free probably.

Revlon custom eyes eyeshadow reviews

Swatches of the product are can be seen on the individual post where they have been reviewed.

Revlon smoky sexy eyeshadows

revlon eyeshadow smoky sexy reviews

Revlon Customeyes eyeshadow Metallic Chic 

Revlon eyeshadow metallic chic reviews

Revlon Naturally Glamorous custom eyeshadow 

Revlon eyeshadow naturally glamorous reviews and swatches

Revlon Rich temptation eyeshadow

revlon eyeshadow rich temptations reviews and swatches

Revlon eyeshadow party pops

revlon custom eyeshadow party pops reviews and swatches

Physcian formula  happy booster glow & mood boosting blush 

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush Review

Physcian formulae blush reviews

Product looks exactly the same as shown in the pictures above. I will update about the prices .Also, I might add few more products in the sale depending upon my mood 😀


  1. anaplease please have it in the evening na..i’ll be off the hospital only so damn interested in naturally glamorous..i donno always am unlucky in ur sales..atleast wana buy this time..please concider my request

  2. and always i look forward to wise she sales coz am almost the same complexion as most stuffs that suits her will suit me though i will not have the xpertise of blending eye make chooooooooooooo bad in it :heh: :heh: :mean: i mean u can make anything look gpood

  3. Woweee…. Ana.. cant wait!!! I am loving the blush… but have no clue how to use them 🙁
    The only time i tried I looked like those school kids whose mommies apply red lippies on their cheeks :beauty: :-((

  4. hehe..atleast she’s selling her excess blush…i to cant even bring myself to do that! m too attached to them…even if i dont use themthat often i luv admiring them regularly 🙂

  5. Hi Ana! Waiting for the sale, though I donno if somethin comes up then!!!
    Hey, is the blush matt or shimmery?
    This is the first sale I’ll be checking today on wiseshe 🙂

    Add more stuff na Ana 🙂


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