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Bloggers Meet At

When shopaholic gets to meet someone who shares with her an idea to save money while shopping how will be the experience like ?Absolutely exhilarating !!!

This is exactly what happened with me when I reached the Cashkaro office for a blogger meet.After a brief wait, Rohan and Swati, the founders of, the largest cashback and coupon website, came in and explained us about the concept of their website. I was glad to know about their deals and coupons, but somewhere inside I was regretting that I had lost money all this while which I could have easily gained back. I am a typical Indian, always trying to save some money, you see!

Now a little information about

About was founded by entrepreneur Rohan and Swati Bhargava in 2013. This website offers coupons for various websites like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon ,Flipkart in a wide range of segments (includes travel, food and many other things). This concept is pretty popular abroad and its finally in India too and I don’t see any reason why anybody would not like to take advantage of this.

Some images from this meet:


We are all addicted to mobile wallets as they have made our life a lot easier, ordering anything right from hot, delicious food to make-up essentials are so much hassle-free now . On top of it When I came across recently, I discovered that it not only give coupons for various brands like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, flipkart and others but also provides cash back .


How It Works?

Well lets take an example,

For example – Check out this Caskaro deal on Tresemme shampoo which I and my husband are pretty fond of and sometimes buy them in bulk.So here there is not only up to 50% off on the shampoo’s but also you are getting Rs350 as a cash back which is quite a good amount if you are buying just a shampoo.

Take another deal for all lipstick lovers. What if I say price of original Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick is just 110 INR? Yes, I am serious. Check this Cashkaro deal on Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick which is a love for all ladies. For a lipstick priced at 360 INR, you get a cashback of 250 INR.Can you still miss this deal?

Another deal, if you are a fan of herbal product lover, Khadi 18 herbs ayurvdeic hair oil at 70 INR. No, you are not dreaming! And an additional piece of news, you get 250 INR too over this price.

And if you think, we did only serious talking, then you are totally wrong! We had so much fun and the fun begins right here

Fun Day at

We even played a game. We were divided into 3 teams, we got 10,000 INR to splurge and a vast array of products to choose cash back from. We had to pick maximum products with the maximum cashback as well. We put on our thinking caps and started enjoying.

But our team couldn’t win! Team B won with a large margin and yes, they really shopped smart. Here are the winners

But in the end I did get to meet fellow bloggers. Very few bloggers meet are this interesting these days and this one is surely one of those.

I gained a lot in this meet some friends, a great day and yeah, a great website that can help me get earn money from my shopping! Seems my husband is happier than me after this meet.

You could buy beauty and make up products with discounts and earn extra cashback from Cashkaro. Click here:



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