Blue And Green Makeup Eye Looks At Wise She


Blue And Green Makeup Eye Looks At Wise She

Blue and Green are those colors from rainbow which will never go out of fashion. With more blue and green kohls and liners coming in market from big brands, it is obvious to know how badly IN they are, as only after big researches these brands go for any range or product.


Blue, the color of sky and water which are at times calm and if stormy they can scare the hell out of you. Same goes with the makeup, blue makeup helps person to attain the personality of calm but energetic. On the other hand, green makeup gives a sign of peace lover and close to nature. It calls for a person who is very engaging and easy going.

As both these colors are so dramatic and say too much, we will here be discussing the various types of eye make ups.



Both Blue and Green Kohls are very easily available in market and not only with same color outfit, they go amazing with Nude and pastel colors outfits as well.


Blue: Applying Blue Kajal from the center to end of the eye is one of my favorites, it attracts the other person and highlight eyes as well.

Blue Color goes beautiful with Brown eyes people.

Green: For kajal, go for dark green or electric green, as bottle green color doesn’t suit in kajal. It looks best in eye shadow.


Eye Liner

Applying Eyeliner is must in eye makeup and both Blue and Green Liners look amazing in eyeliners.

Blue: I would always suggest using some eye shadow first before using blue eyeliner. I think blue liners need a roof and then they give their best. So whenever you are going for blue liner, apply a little of eye shadow, any dark or light color in contrast would go perfect.


Green: Green is okay when it comes to only applying Eyeliner. I would suggest a new way of applying:

Make a thick line from black liner leaving some space to fill in later. Apply a line of green on that black liner and reapply if the black is visible, reapplying green will change the color in some greasy green color. Now fill the space with your green liner nicely. You will actually see your eyes giving crazy zests to everyone out there.
Going for both green liner and green kajal looks hot.

Eye shadows


Same color eye shadows aren’t my personal pick. So I like contrast coloring. Your makeup is something which can transform your whole look no matter how old or faded attire you are wearing. Generally, we don’t focus on eye shadows, and just go out with liner and kohl. But a pinch of eye shadow can turn heads wherever you go.

Blue: Story of blue eye shadows is same of blue liners. They need some roof. While applying blue eye shadow, either you have to apply any other eye shadow color on top of it like golden or bronze or upper winged eyeliner. This way blue shows its beauty in its best way.

I would suggest for applying blue eye shadow and pulling off the extra one. Apply thick liner on top of it, reapply if the shade of blue is visible on the space of liner. Make a wing and attach with a line of black liner on top of eye shadow as shown in pictures or by applying blue eye shadow on your eye and below your eyebrows, apply a dark glittery golden or bronze eye shadow. Trust me Glitter will not give you any disco look and your blue will shine. Apply thick or thin eyeliner with or without wing and rock your world.


Green: Green goes beautiful alone and with Shimmery Silver. Also with highlighter it appears to be more dramatic. Mascara is must.

Mehendi Green color in Eye shadow with pastel green color eye shadow is a nice combination with thick black liner and kajal.

Green eye shadow with grey upper eye shadow and turquoise eyeliner, this makeup look is projected by many Hollywood celebrities.

For sober look, apply light green eye shadow and black thick liner and sleek kajal line on lower water lids. Take a spongy eye shadow bush and apply very sleek line of green eye shadow below lower water lid. This whole look is little tough but looks fabulous.

Did you like these Blue And Green Makeup Looks At Wise She?

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