Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara Waterproof Smudgeproof Conditioning Review


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Mascaras were one of the most underrated eye products till a few years ago but now after all the makeup brands started manufacturing their own brand of mascaras and that too in different finishes, this baby got its due respect. Our very own Indian brand Blue Heaven was never far behind and so it started coming up with its own variety of mascaras to make our lashes look more beautiful.

When Blue Heaven Cosmetics gave me these few products to use and share my experience, I couldn’t keep my eye off the Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara that was in such a beautiful packaging. And wolla! After trials and tests, I am here with the review of this mascara by Blue Heaven. So scroll down!


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What the company claims:

Blue Heaven fashion Mascara gives length, body and fullness to your eyelashes. It defines each lash individually. It comes with a tapered spiral brush for easy application. Water-proof, flake-proof and clamp-proof creamy formula. Nurtures your eyelashes without any irritation.

How to apply this mascara:

Just apply it on your upper and lower eyelashes as per required.


Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara Waterproof Smudgeproof conditioning


112 INR


16 ml

Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara waterproof smudgeproof 1


The Blue Heaven Mascara comes in a orange-yellow cardboard packaging that is really bright and nice. The original mascara comes in a glossy black packaging that has a screw-fit cap. It closes really tightly and so is travel-friendly. The wand is pretty simple and basic. Being a straight fixed wand, it is not at all flexible for curling lashes and applying on lower lash line. Overall, the packaging looks nice and decent, given the price but if you look at the quality, it can be improved specially the wand.


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What I feel about Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara:

The colour of the mascara is really impressive. It is intense black and has a really nice pigmentation in it. The formula is pretty good that spreads well on the lashes giving it a very natural look, that I love. Always you can’t look like wearing falsies and the days you want a natural look – this baby can be your friend.

As far as the claims are concerned, it lengthens my lashes a bit but if I am brutally honest, it doesn’t give any volume. You can see in my picture that my lashes look very natural and lengthened but surely not voluminous.

It is not smudge-proof unless and until we rub our eye vigorously which I think nobody does. As far as the waterproof claim is concerned I feel it is water-resistant and not waterproof.

Blue Heaven Mascara hand swatch

Overall, considering the price aspect, I feel Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara is a good product that needs a little bit of improvement here and there. This is ideal for daily use as it gives it really natural looking eyelashes.


I will recommend Blue Heaven Fashion Mascara to all the girls who want natural looking, soft eyelashes. Considering the price, I feel this is a good buy.



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