Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner Review & Swatch


Hello pretty ladies!

Blue heaven cosmetics are painting the town blue with their affordable and user-friendly makeup products. They have a range of lipstick, kajal, eye liner, pen eyeliner as well as eye shadows to compliment your makeup. Their range is such a great one that anyone can do their full makeup just using Blue Heaven products. This time, when Blue Heaven sent me some products to try on and give my honest reviews, I was excited about the pen eyeliner one. Being the eyeliner freak that I am, I am always out of my kajal and eyeliner collection and pen liners always come handy for me. So this review is all about the Blue Heaven line and design sketch eyeliner and how I feel about it.  🙂


Blue Heaven Kajal, eyeliner, Mascara, eye shadow n sparkling eyeliner

What the brand claims about:

Blue Heaven line and design sketch eyeliner is a new generation eye writer pen that delivers high colour precision in and around eyes. It felt tip gives exact colour, dries quickly and won’t smudge. Waterproof formula stays for longer. You get smudge-free, waterproof and precise eyeliner with high pigmentation.

How to use it:

Just apply this like your regular eye liner all over your upper eye lash liner and you make a wing too!  😀

Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner 2


145 INR


1 ml


Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner 1


The Blue heaven pen liner comes in a green cardboard packaging and the actual product is black in colour. The name blue heaven is written on it along with the full name of the liner. The packaging is quite nice and sleek and you can carry it around. The packaging is quite simple but decent. Quite good for the price paid.


Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner 3


How I feel about the product:

Blue heaven eye sketch liner hand swatch


The eyeliner has semi matte finish and has a great amount of pigmentation. You can easily draw precise eye liner with it because of its very thin felt tip applicator. Drawing a winged liner is so easy with this baby is just an easy job.

blue heaven sketch eye liner eye swatch 3

The product claims to be waterproof, smudge-proof and highly pigmented. Well, for me I found all the three claims quite true. It has a very good grip and I can work on eye shadow really well so it is definitely highly pigmented. This baby stays on for 6-7 hours easily without smudging or fading, so I can it is smudge-proof and I don’t think it will come off unless you are fully drenched in water.

Overall I feel this pen eyeliner from Blue Heaven is more than average. It is quite good amongst all the products.


blue heaven pen eye liner eye swatch

I will recommend this pen eyeliner to all those who want a good but affordable pen eyeliner to work on!




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