Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye Liner Silver Review & Swatch


Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye Liner Silver Review & Swatch


Eyeliner fever is running on Wiseshe for sure but what to do when you find such great quality stuff at such amazing prices? Blue Heaven is a home brand that specialises in manufacturing some great quality with great affordability. When the brand sent me some products to review, one of the things that caught my attention was thus silver liner. First i thought this is a nail polish but when I read then realised its actually a liquid eyeliner..I have never been into Blue heaven products so had no idea about their liquid liner packaging and all.


Blue Heaven Kajal, eyeliner, Mascara, eye shadow n sparkling eyeliner

What the brand claims:

Draw that neat and sharp line and define your eyes beautifully with Blue Heaven Sparkling Eyeliner. With a creamy texture, this liner glides smoothly and gives your eyes a vibrant touch. You will not need frequent touch ups as this liner stays for hours without fading. Accentuating the beauty of your eyes, this liner is long-lasting and does not get smudged.

Smudge free, long wear eyeliner with glittering pigments to give an expression of your choice. Vibrant and Creamy. Colour stay Formula. Doesn’t Fade Away.

How to use:

With the help of the brush applicator, apply gently and start lining from the inner corner of your eye till the outer end.

Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye liner Silver 11


65 INR (Thats crazily cheap)


8 ml

Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye liner Silver open


The Blue Heaven eye liner comes in a glass bottle with a golden cap. The cap is really sleek and long and so easy to hold on and apply. The bottle is transparent and so you can easily find out the shade you are looking for. The product is extremely light-weight, easy to travel with as has no leakage. The applicator is a little firm but the bristles are soft making it easy to apply even for a beginner. The packaging looks really classy for me and I really like how it looks on my beauty rack!

Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye liner Silver 1


The silver colour is really beautiful. It also has a greyish blue tint to it which makes it look super amazing!


These liners are super pigmented and are long lasting


Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye Liner Black and Silver 2

Staying power:

It stays on for 5- 6 hours without fading

Consistency and texture:

Liner is smooth in application and is easy to apply..It has a thin brush where you can build up the thickness of it .

Blue Heaven Sparkling Eye Liner Black and Silver 1

How do I feel about this Blue heaven sparkling eyeliner:

Like all the other colour, this colour from Blue Heaven is really pretty. The pigmentation is great and is suitable for all types of eye lids. It doesn’t irritate eyes . The colour is  beautiful and would be liked by those who like silver eyeliners The greyish-blue undertones make the colour go with any sort of dress. This is a great buy at such an affordable rate.

Also, one needs to put 2-3 coats to get good pigmentation out of it and its not waterproof..In all the three eyeliners swatched below I find black the best ..Gold and silver are kind of average in colour here.


Blue heaven sparkling eyes hand swatches




Eye swatch with black and silver eyeliner blueheaven


Eyeliner is something which I will definitely recommend for those who are looking for affordable products especially the school or the college going girls..


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