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blue nector skin and hair care

There are great responses for herbal products and everyone is trying them because of natural ingredients, good quality and mostly because of good results. Moreover, in India new brands are mushrooming everyday which are introducing high quality herbal products. Most of herbal indian products have influenced by Ayurveda. So I am here to share with you all the very tempting and skin and hair care products from Blue Nectar which they have have sent to Wiseshe last week.

What we have got in Blue Nectar Package

There are total 4 basic products for skin and hair care in this package.

Blue Nectar SHUBHR Radiance Honey Facial Cleanser

Price for 100ml -INR 395 ,INR 745 for 200ml

blue nector honey cleanser

Shubhr means radiant. Face is the most attractive feature of human body. First step in Ayurvedic face care is to cleanse, tone and nourish the skin. Proper cleansing and toning is done by removing dead cells, clearing clogged pores , removing toxins & pollutants without stripping the skin of natural oils and moisture content. Enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and keep pores clear and clean. Honey is rich in antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse and hydrate the skin. Nagkesar acts as anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and helps in clearing skin. Anantmool is natural blood purifier and removes heat and inflammation from skin. Aloevera is an excellent moisturiser and its antimicrobial property helps in treatment of acne. It contains vitamin C & E and helps to diminish the lines and wrinkles leaving skin soft, supple and hydrated. Rose essential oil is refreshing and up lifting.

blue nector honey facial cleanser

How to use: Wet your face with water. Take small qty (2-3 drops) on palm of hand and apply in circular motion on face with upwards movement. Rinse well with water and pat dry.

Blue Nectar KUMKUMADI Radiance Glow Night Serum

Price- INR 895 for 10ml.

blue nectar kukumadi oil

Kumkumadi means Saffron and has been traditionally used to beautify woman. Kumkumadi Exquisite Glow Serum is classical 100% Ayurvedic anti ageing serum that combines 26 vital herbs like saffron, sandalwood etc etc. It not only brightens & illuminate the skin but also nourishes the skin that helps to reduce fine lines and dark circles. Above all, it is a night serum to be used before bed time and aids skin to look young, healthy & brighter.

Also, kashmiri saffron illuminates skin color, extracts of Indian madder and banyantree help smooth fine lines. Vetiver, Sandalwood and lotus cool and cleanse while helping to clear blemishes. Liquorice acts as an antiseptic, protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Vital herbs in kumkumadi

Kumkum, Chandan, Lodhra, Patanga, Rakta candana, Kaliyaka, Usira, Manjistha, Tejapatra, Padmaka, Padma, Kustha, Gorocana, Nisa, Laksa, Daruharidra, Gairika, Nagakesara, Palasa Kusuma, Priyangu, Vatankura, Malati, Madhuchista, Sarsapa, Surabhi

blue nectar kumkumadi oil night serum

How to use

Gently apply few drops on moist face & neck. Use fingertips to gently massage serum in circulor upwards motion

Blue Nectar Anti Ageing Flower Valley Cream

Price:- INR 1395 for 50gm.

blue nectar anti ageing cream flower

Skin firming,Anti ageing,radiant face are some of the properties of SHUBHR anti ageing cream. Blend of of 14 vital herbs like Aloevera, Manjistha & Mulethi makes it suitable for normal to dry skin. It has balanced formulation which is ideal for soft and smooth skin of women.

blue nector flower velly anti ageing cream

How to use :- Take a small amount and massage gently using upward strokes on face and neck with the help of fingertips. To be used daily

Blue Nectar Bringanantadi Hair Repair and Treatment Oil

Price: INR 425 for 50ml & INR 795 for 100ml.

blue nector hair oil

Brigantantadi means Bringadi, Anantmool etc. On an average people lose between 50-100 hair strands each day. This is quite normal because new hairs grows to replace that is lost. However, there are times when too much exposure to unhealthy conditions such as heat or chemicals causes hair to fall out.

Briganantadi hair repair treatment oil has three advantages arrest hair fall, avoid premature graying and prevent dandruff. In addition it cools the head and is natural conditioner for lush hair growth. Bringraj is natural rasayana and promotes hair growth. Amla provides vitamin C to hair and arrest hair fall. Also helps as natural conditioner and has anti dandruff properties. Mulethi is licorice and helps in curing spot baldness in male and female. Malkangani is useful for sharpening the memory and increasing intellect.

hair treatment oil blue nectar

In all, 9 vital herbs help to promote lush hair growth, prevent hair fall and prevent premature graying and provide anti dandruff treatment. Available in 100 & 200 ml

Making of the product: They dip the ayurvedic herbs overnight and boil it till half of total volume is remaining. In cooled mixture, Malkagani, Rosemary, Coconut, Sesame and Lavendar Oil are mixed in sterilized manner.

These are some key highlights of our Blue nectar goodies. I will start using them soon and will get back to you people with the interesting posts.

Hope they will keep all their tall claims on true side.can’t wait to try them out! 🙂

P.S – You can find these products on Flipkart and other popular Indian shopping websites.


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