Blue on Blue (Monotone) Outfit


You know monotones are very ‘in’ right now. But monotones can get ‘monotonous’ or, if put together correctly, ‘mesmerising ‘! It all depends on what you do with the look. The accessories are the key to break the singularity of colour.This is what I did with the look. Hope you guys find it helpful.


Blue on Blue (monotone) Outfit+fashion

Today I donned a blue on blue(read monotone) outfit. Paired up my favorite pair of blue skinny jeans with a basic navy blue shirt.
A quick glance in the mirror made me realise that it looks a little ‘blah’!  So I decided to jazz up the outfit with a few accessories. And let me tell you, it completely transformed the look from dull to delectable!

First of all, collar necklaces.

They come in so many varieties such as lace, metallic, embellished etc. These are a must -have trinket for your accessories shelf. Wrap one around your pretty little neck and watch a dull outfit come to life. They are easily available at stores like accessorize and Zara, on online stores like fab alley and for street shoppers janpath is the place to go.

Blue on Blue (monotone) Outfit Collar+fashion lady

Second. The bag.

Pairing up a monotone outfit with a basic black or beige bag would be fashion suicide!!! Does anything sound more dull???? I opted for a cool tan, leather sling with intricate handcrafted details which I picked up at Dilli Haat for just 1000/-. What a style steal! ( you could also opt for a colour blocked or pop sling/clutch)

Third. The shoes!

Every girls weakness! I, for one, simply melt at the sight of new shoes.
Loafers are comfy, sensible and available in like a gazillion styles currently.
Personally, I prefer the basic black/beige with a buckle or some tassels to add a touch of ‘pep’. (Picked up the ones I’m wearing at tresmode). But they are available in a wide range of colours as well.

Blue on Blue (monotone) Outfit SHoes+designer clothes

This outfit is so easy to put together and apt for so many things.

Office? Check!
Lunch with friends/family? Check!
Hanging out/shopping with the girls? Check!

Casual,simple, trendy and best of all, über comfortable!
That’s all for now! Will keep you posted on the different kinds of looks I keep putting together that you guys could experiment with. Stay tuned. Ciao!


P.S - I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (


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  1. Prerna , you look so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood 🙂
    I did a black on black this weekend topped wid gold accessories :).

  2. You are turning into one of my favorite fashion blogger Prerna! I love that your style is so wearable yet uber fashionable. I love the idea of a collar necklace. Din’t know about them till now. Gonna be picking it up in my next haul.


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