Blush And Concealer Suggestion For Beginners & Avon Rep


Chandana asks, 

 I used to have an oily skin. But my regular routine in a air conditioned room has made my skin a little dry.
best blush and concealer suggestions
  •  I have not used any concealer so far. Could you please suggest a basic product to cover up my dark circle.( Please refer my photo to get an idea of the intensity of my dark circle.)
  • I have no experience in blending and smudging techniques, beginner with make up products. :). So please suggest a not so sophisticated product (also a budget product) for me to begin with.
  •  And could you recommend a blush with a light pink color. Here too, this would be my first blush. (Will be very happy if you suggest products below Rs. 200)
  • Another point. I found “Avon Simple Pretty Blushes” on today’s post My Diwali Haul – Inglot, Avon, Lush, TBS, Oriflame, ELF and more  by Zara pretty interesting for a beginner like me.I commented on the post enquiring on the product. Did not get a reply though. :(. Can you please let me know where can I find Avon products. I do not mind purchasing it online.
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  1. Hey Chandana, I haven’t seen your pic so have no idea about intensity of your circles but I like NYX concealer but you’ll need a brush to apply it evenly and it goes a long way too otherwise buy Garnier tinted eye roll on. As far as avon blushes are concerned, they are sold through Avon reps(as far as I know) and add your details in the form and a rep will contact you. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. i too have oily skin my first blush was maybelline mousse blush. it blends lyk dream n very easy to use n its within ur budget 200 inr. n for concealer u can try colorbar pot concealer (450 sumthing) or loreal true match (720).i personally prefer d loreal one. hope dis helps u chandana :-))

  3. I agree with Tulips that u should try colorbar pot concealer… they have some 8 shades and since u wish to use it for ur eyes, don’t think about the cost much… if u stay in Bombay visit Colorbar store Infiniti Mall at Malad… they may possibly have all 8 shades as I figured elsewhere they just keep around 3 shades. For blushes, u can try lakme powder blushes or Maybelline mousse blush (if u want mild shimmer)

  4. Hey Chandana…for the concealer, i am currently loving the colorbar coverup stick concealor…it works really well an doesnt run ur skin ashy which is y i like it so much..

    for blush for starters id recommend colobar …they hav a nice peach shade…also, if u dont mind shelling out 500bucks or so, max factor has the bestest pink called classic pink..its my all time fav and the only blush i’ve ever finished and repurchased…do check it out..

    For avon reps, u can always visit their site and check it out or else u can get avon products online as well on….alot of them have free shipping offers also so that’ll help…also i guess we have so many avon reps in our midst here that so many will b able t help u out 🙂 so sorry i missed ur query in my post 🙂

  5. Thank you so much anamika, for posting my query…. you are superb fast.
    I am so late in thanking you all….!!!!

    Guess, I will stick on to the last recommendation by Zara. And Deepika, I will collect your email id from anamika and mail you back when I have decided on the products I need from Avon. Thank you so much for offering to courier.

  6. hi..if you arent too concerned abt the price the MAC pro longwear is really will last for abt 4 to 5 months too so worth the price. I have really bad dark circles and it works excellently.

    For blushes, I think maybelline is pretty good. If you shop online there are other options like Coloressence.


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