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My previous and this and all the next blush posts are dedicated to Zara The blush Queen  🙂

I went through a crazy phase while learning how to apply blush and while searching for a right blush and brush and place to apply it and wot not! I would like to share what I learnt with Wise She readers here.

There you go!

Who should apply a blush?

Or rather who shouldn’t? I had read somewhere that if you have pimple marks, open pores and don’t have a flawless skin, avoid applying blush. I stayed away from blush because of this for quite some time since I keep getting adult acne every now and then and they do leave marks. Then one day after reading a tip in Wise She I applied beet root on my cheeks very lightly and was amazed at the difference it made in my face.

I do keep away from blush only on days when there are very big red bumps, but which is quite rare.
So the answer to the first question? Every woman should apply a blush, or at least give it a try before negating.

Which blush?

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For starters I would suggest buy inexpensive ones BUT from good brands. Good brands will make sure you don’t get put off by your first purchase and inexpensive means not much regret if you find the shade is wrong. Though as you master the art of makeup you’ll find ways to use any wrong shade 🙂

Which shade of Blush 

Knowing the undertone of your skin will greatly help you here. That’s what helped me from buying many wrong shades! You can search for article on knowing your undertone here or many other sites. Once you know you have warm or cool undertones, look for blushes with same tones.

Let me explain this with my own e.g.
In a grooming workshop in my office I was told I have peach undertone. Which is warm.

Now I had read good reviews about Colorbar Cosmic rose. So the first blush I wanted was Only that. When I got that, I realized that its actually making my skin look dull and muddy. Only after buying a few more blushes did I realize why Cosmic rose din’t work. It has slight bluish undertones so it didn’t suit me.[Well at least that’s my perception :D]

So once you know your skin tone, half the job is done:) I read everywhere about choosing blush shade that matches my natural flush after exercise etc. But personally it din’t help me… I mean I may know how the shade looks, but how do I remember it and go to a store [still remembering the shade] and select the same kind of shade under artificial lights!!! However if it works with you, great! Else just go by your gut feel, or what you LIKE when you see it, That’s what I did after the Colorbar mistake.

Dull shade will make the face look dull too whereas sometimes even fluorescent blushes work wonderfully. Beginners can start with somewhere in-between.

Shimmery or Matte Blush ?

Do Not Buy Shimmery Blushes when you are just starting, it may make you too conscious and may discourage you from wearing a blush at all. Go for matts! There are a few with extremely subtle shimmer which looks almost like a natural glow [e.g. Loreal True Match rosewood], you can choose such a blush but still I would suggest you keep that for a little later.

Which brush?

Mostly the brushes that come along with the blush are blah!

Do invest in a good brush.

I postponed this important thing for quite a while, thinking I’ll only buy a good brush when I’m sure I want to wear a blush often. The thing is when you Have a good brush, you Will want to wear blush often :).In fact I found out that even the blushes that I thought didn’t work for me, worked quite well with a good brush!

I have The Body Shop Blush Brush [Rs.600]. I love it :)After some Internet-research I figured that it does a good job and is good enough until you decide to buy a MAC.

Where to apply?

Not on apples of your cheek!

You can suck your cheeks in and make a fish face and apply it on the cheek bone. Starting from bellow the center of your eyes and going up towards the temples. This is how I find it working well for me, if this doesn’t work with you, try different ways.

There are many video tutes on and some images elsewhere on the net. Check as many as possible and try different ways on your face. Not all the tutorials and all the tips out there are good or right for you. Check images of applying blush for various face shapes. Even in that there are a few good and few not so good pics, but you’ll definitely find a right way for yourself, and you will instantaneously know when something works 🙂

How to apply?

Blush is the last thing to apply in the face makeup. So this would be on top of your compact/mineral foundation.

Swirl your TBS brush in the blush, tap off the excess powder and sweep the brush across on the cheekbone. Then clean the brush with a clean dry cloth and blend the blush on the skin. To take off extra/dark blush you can use a small cotton ball and roll it on the cheek.
Once in a while, revisit the shades you bought and rejected, you may just find that they work now!

That’s pretty much it. Hope it helps and Happy Blushing 🙂

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  1. Yeeyy!! Thanks so much Paddy for dedicationg ur blush posts to me!!! No1 has ever done that :)) :)) uv made me super happy tday i must say :))

  2. Haaaa…..Thank you so much…I have never showed much interest in blushes …cos I thought they dint suit me…never looks like a must try..

  3. Pradnyaa that was helpful. And now I will just go and get that brush. Thank you 🙂
    I love posts that spell everything out for me. I am lazy like that 🙂

    @Zara- awww…. 😀

  4. thank you pradnya !!i have a single blush lakme kiss of a rose. but somehow am vbery very poor at blending/
    so many a times I ended up looking like a clown 😮
    thank you for the review !!

    • Oh, that’s a stick kind of blush na, may be that’s y. Try a powder blush, its not difficult to blend at all, and you can always take off the excess colour with cotton or apply compact over it

  5. awesome one prad..very helpful :makeup: n u r rite blushes r very imp once u start using dem u just fall in luv :inlove: now toh i dont go outside widout applying blush 😛

  6. Thanks Pradnyaa… this is very helpful.. whenever u get time next, give us a low down on how to use contour and highlighting while applying blushes and for what to use which brush

  7. Hola ladies!!! nice post! btw an aunt once told me: bend down on your stomach and face the ground and stay there for a minute..the blood will rush to your cheeks..and thats where u should apply your blush! 😎

  8. such a useful post..thanks for the face shape bit too. for my round face, I know exactly where to apply now.

    (btw, next tute on contouring pls? :-* :-* ..though i have read quite a few, would love for another easy tute)

  9. Thanks to Ana for the right image 🙂
    I have a round face too and when
    i found the right way to apply it made a huge difference to how I look !

    For contouring we’ll have to request Ana and Z [Are you both listening????]

  10. this is an apt dedication!! to Zee!!!

    awesome post Pradnyaa…i was going thru blush youtube videos…now i’ll just bookmark this page 🙂 🙂 :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  11. such detailed and informative article dear 🙂
    One thing I totally agree, whenever I shop blushes … I always think Zara must be definitely having this … you are THE BLUSH QUEEN :worship: :worship:

  12. great post pradnaya……i rarely used blushes but was inspired by anamika(seeing her pinky pinky pics :blush: )n now m loving blushes very much….btw now Z never let us forget to use blushes :-*

  13. I loved this post. Its so amazing but my views differ pertaining to the undertones part. Its true about matching undertones but if u contrast one then the color pops on ur cheeks instead of making it look dull. I belive cosmic rose looked dull only because it was too dark and dull as a color on its own.

    You would love soft shimmer formulas as opposed to mattes as they look flattering if you have a clear skin. Some of my favorites as a MUA are MAC dollymix,bite of an apple,trace gold,hipness; Chanel tweed fuchsia,amber and corail;Clinique smoldering plum and precious posy and Shiseido luminizing face color in petal,carnation and tea rose.

    Never buy a dull colored or brown colored blush. Their strong orange tones and earthy tones may look funny and muddy.

    • Oh, You could be right about cosmic rose, it does look pretty dull, I thought its because of the blue undertones. Though I can’t imagin a cool pink on my skin 🙁

      I also din’t know that orangy tone can make you look dull!

      Could you write about the skin undertones and what colours go together well, Dr. Neeraj?? Its such an important thing and there are so many doubts and questions!!!

      I tried the shimmer one with Chambor, but I just feel too concious to carry it, may be as I get better with make up I’ll be able to carry shimmers…
      And such a good list of shades! I’m saving it in my notes for reference, will surely try few of these 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  14. Surely Pradnyaa. I just need to buy sometime to write posts. Orangey tones on the darker side can make you look horrible and those blushes are best for Very dark skin tones with purple undertones in them. Blush is all about having a flush of color.

    I had also talked about some of the most amazing blushes I had ever come across and I must share Shiseido accentuating sticks as they r just so amazing too. See them on


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