Blush Tricks

Lets start with the brushes first. If you are in those who like to use powder foundation, blush and a bronzer then always use separate brushes for each of the product.The shape of the brushes are not that important and they can be of identical shape too. But you have to make sure that you use separate brushes otherwise you will never be able to get the right color and coverage which you are looking for.
People learn this thing hard way when they mix their powder with a bronzer and start looking awfully tan.
It is always advisable to use big bushy brush like a kabuki one as it distributes the blush more evenly with its bristles across your face. Small brushes give more concentrated color.
Always shake up your brushes a little but after you put it in the bronzer/blush so that excess make up can be removed easily.
  • Gel blush-Some women find gel blushes much better than powder blush as they give a natural look. Only thing which has to be taken care while applying the gel blushes is that you blend it pretty quickly so that you do not end with stripes looking cheeks.
  • Cream blush is great for those who are not in mood for foundation and lipstick. Cream blush goes on dark but blend like a dream and looks so natural. Cream blush is good for those whose skin dries easily or who have combination skin.
  • Regular blush looks great too but when you are looking for shimmery looks then it stands out if you have not worn full make up.
  • Bronzer- ( Tips for those with brown skin)
When you use bronzer in moderation make a 3 on the side of your face with the bronzer. Start with your brush on the cheekbones then sweep up in a C motion with the C opening up towards your eyebrows then back down along your jaw in another C motion.(Sorry about my bad paint brush idea !!! i am trying to learn )
Bronzer and blush-Make a 3s on each side and smile .Now put a tiny hint of blush in the apple of your cheeks. This will give you a natural look altogether.
* Never use blush on underside of cheekbones.
* Powder blush should always be applied in one direction to avoid streaking.
* The best shades are warm, golden browns than cool, grayish browns, especially when used as cheek contour.
P.S-These are my views and they may differ from yours. If yes then you can share it in the comment section to help out the readers.
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