Blushes For Fair Skin – Wise She Reader Question


Nisha asks,

I don’t understand blushes at all.I have pretty fair skin but most of the  blushes wash me out .I bought three blushes last year and I have stopped using them now because of this reason.Please help….:(

Blushes for fair skin

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  1. Hi Nisha,
    I guess your problem is little different..figure out your skin tone that take two sheet one yellow or orange and second pink or rose color.

    Hold first one and then the other one up to your face and stand in front of the mirror.
    most of the time one sheet will wash you out and other will brighten your the sheet which brings out the color will be yoru skin tone.

    if u have rose undertones then stick with rose colored blushes and if yellow brings out the skin colour then go for peaches and corals.

    i hope this helps u out

  2. Thanks Bhumika…yes there is no dearth of colours in can choose colorbar or mac even body shop have nice blushes 🙂


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