Bobbi Brown Shimmer Stick Nectar Review & Swatches

Bobbi Brown is a brand that gave ‘nude’ and ‘natural’ makeup a new meaning. Shimmer bricks have been a staple in makeup artist’s bags due to their versatility, high quality shimmer and color gradations giving a choice of 5 colors in a compact.
Shimmer Brick in NECTAR was their launch from the Cabana Corals collection but I got mine from for INR 2000 approx. The reason I loved this color was because of its gradation from pink to coral to carrot orange color.
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PACKAGING – Bobbi Brown  Shimmer Brick Nectar:-

Comes in classic Bobbi Brown black glossy case with brand name printed in white. The casing looks expensive and feels luxurious yet being prone to finger prints. Inside is a mirror provided that somehow looks a bit sepia toned (brown instead of clear white) and opposite is the shimmer brick.
 Bobbi brown shimmer brick review+bobbi brown shimmer stick+shimmer stick nectar reviews

FORMULA - Bobbi Brown  Shimmer Brick Nectar:-

 Nectar is melange of soft muted corals with duo chrome warm pinks and shimmery carrot orange. It is packed with lots and lots of shimmer which on application translates into a warm coral glow on my neutral skin. It may looks a bit pinkish orange on fairer skins with pink udnertones. Shimmer brick consists of 5 strips of various corals that could be used individually, paired with some other color in the palette or used all over.
The shimmer is frosted but unlike its other sisters a bit on the subtle edge. It gives a glow of the setting sun on the face. The colors are shimmery coral, pink yellow gold duo-chrome, soft peach, muted light orange and carrot orange, while it gives an overall coral orange-ish glow.
 Nectar shimmer brick Bobbi brown reviews+nectar shimmer swatches+
 Various brushes can be used to get various finishes from this product. A fan brush can be used to dust a subtle frosting over the face. Blush brush gives full on impact where as a dual fibre brush creates a softer candle-lit glow. It could be also used on eyes to create shimmery finishes and used to highlight the inner corners to open up the eyes.
Can be coupled with a bronzer for an amazing sun kissed glow too.

 PRICE - Bought from for Rs.1880 for 0.4 oz

PROS:-Bobbi Brown  Shimmer Brick Nectar:-

  • Creates a sophisticated coral pink glow
  • Warms up the complexion
  • Can be used on eyes too
Bobbi brown shimmer brick nectar swatch+shimmer stick nectar swatches

CONS:-Bobbi Brown  Shimmer Brick Nectar

  • Can be quite expensive but the shimmer would last for a very long time, in the pan and on cheeks.
  • Price -4/5
  • Application 5/5
  • Formula 5/5
  • Packaging -4.5/5
  • Satisfaction 5/5
Maybe or may not be according to your skin color and your wallet size.
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    • They are certainly expensive but also a collector’s item and worth the money spend on…you will never be disappointed with Bobbi…and the product like this lasts forever as it is whopping 12g…

  1. The colors are so vibrant, and it itself looks so so cute :drooling: :hypnotized:
    My friend ordered this from some time back, I restrained myself 🙁

  2. oh my goshhhhh :inlove: :inlove: its a beauty doc.. :yippee: :yippee:
    gud mrnggggggg galssssss..its friday :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  3. Soo pretty shades.. correct me if I am wrong..coupe of other cos have simialr bricks right?? Body shop i know has one. and I cant recollect which local co. has them? faces or colorbar?

  4. Dr, this is soooooooooooooooooo grgeous! ive beeneying this too since a long long time but dont get many opportunities t wear shimmer so always end up skipping it 🙁

    Do a tute with this na?

    • u can wear this for all occasions since u r a blushaholic like me….it looks very nice if done subtly though..I suggest using a fan brush for light dusting!!

      Looks like frosting on cake!

    • do u have Amber diamond from Dior…Tut is coming soon…I love the packaging of both a lot!

      Have u tried wearing the colors on ur eyes!u must see Eesha’s blog as she looks gorgeous in Dior!

  5. Thanks ladies. The shimmer brick is a true beauty. I am also eyeing the neew limited edition shimmer bricks and are soon to come in my kit. Shall do a tut soon. Stay tuned.

  6. OMG such a fast roll of posts and I was so unaware when this was airing…Thanks for all the lovely comments though..I am so inspired to buy another Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and also review the one called Rose…. :tap-dance:

    • ooohhh yessss!!! i cant wait! this stuf is so awesome to see n read…i can only imagine wot fun it must b to use them! :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:


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