Body cleansing and removing body toxins through fruit therapy


By Ishika,

How do fruits and vegetables prove as our saviors  and act as a natural body detox
Due to our sedentry lifestyle, most of us have become prone to diseases like obesity, stress, digestive problems, and many others. We all tend to accumulate toxins in our body. Moreover, through the polluted air we breathe, the food we eat laced with deadly pesticides, the stressful work, irregular food habits, junk food, smoking and alcohol etc.. toxins start accumulating in our body and they start affecting us, physically as well as mentally. The naturopaths believe that all diseases can be cured through a healthy diet. Fruit therapy is just one of them: an opportunity for the body’s digestive and assimilate processes to take a break and the body to detoxify itself.

Why fruit therapy?
1. Fruits and vegetables are readily available hence is absolutely cost effective. Moreover, there are no side effects as well.
2. You can do it at home so the cleanliness is assured and all the causes of infections are eliminated.
3. Intake of fruits make us feel fresh and energises us thereby protecting us from diseases like anaemia, hypoglycaemia, exhaustion, fatigue and  many more.
4. In summers, fruits act as thirst quenchers, nourish the body enriching it the essential vitamins minerals, sugar, fibre, iron and other micro-nutrients.
5.Fruits work wonders for people who are obese and in the process of reducing weight. You an substitute all the aerated drinks in the market which just add empty calories to the body and doesn’t help in any way with fruits and juices which does wonders to the body.
6. Fruits are natural cleansers. They supply needed elements for the body’s own healing activity and cell regeneration, thereby speeding the detoxification process. The juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables do not require lengthy process of digestion and almost all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream.
Common ailments where fruits are helpful

1.       High B.P. antidotes: Papaya,orange,lemon,pomegranate.

2.       Skin Disease preventives: Apple,carrot,watermelon,lemon.

3.       Asthma prophylactics: Amla,carrot,pomegranate.

4.       Fever combatants: Orange,mosambi,pomegranate.

5.       Diarrhoea curatives: Pineapple,apple,pomegranate.

6.       Constipation regulators: Guava,mosambi,apple, banana.

7.       Digestion aid: Spinach(palak)

8.       Diabetic control: Bitter gourd(karela), green coconut water.

9.       Jaundice and Diarrhoea control: Carrot.

10.   Anaemia: Pomegranate

11.   Hypertension and heart related disorders: Mousambi, Orange, Lemon

Thus we see how fruits make our life so simple and healthier.  In fact,nutritionists suggest that depending on the convenience of the persons,the stomach can be given complete rest  and fruit therapy should be followed completely. But there are number of things to keep in mind when u decide to resort to fruit therapy:
1. When fruits are bought from the market, they should be washed properly before use as their skins are laced with harmful pesticides sometimes.
2. Remember to buy fresh fruits. They should not be over ripe-it spoils the taste.
3. As far as possible, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in their raw form. Over-cooking and processing them  can deplete the vitamins and minerals to great extent.
4. It is a common practise to store some fruits and vegetables in cold storage during off- season. They are stored when they are still not ripe and are ripened with the help of carbide which destroys the essential nutrients and may prove to be harmful for the body. So, make sure that you buy the ones that are available fresh in the particular season.
The fruit therapy really works provided we can take care of the few glitches involved.
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