Body lotion – Nivea Moisturising Body Lotion (Normal skin)Review, Price and Photos


By Reshma Khan, 

 Nivea body lotion – Recently I discovered an effective solution for dry and dull skin,  Nivea Moisturising Body Lotion really works great on the skin. As i have a fair skin tone and  because of winters it is looking very dull and dry.

What product claims:-  The daily 24 hour moisturiser, especially developed for the needs of normal skin. For Skin that looks and feels great all day long. Enriched with Grape Seed Oil, Moisturisers and Vitamin E, the quickly absorbing Intensive Moisturising Lotion stimulates the skin’s own moisture production. Thus prevent the skin from drying out. As a result the skin feels soft and looks healthier all day long.

Skin Type: Normal Skin

Expertise: Feel your skin breathe and being vitalized.

Benefit: Cleanses and refreshes the skin without drying.

Key Ingredients(Body lotion formulation):– Grape seed oil Natural Minerals.

Price of Nivea Moisturizing Body lotion is Rs 250ml for  179

Directions for use: Use using   Nivea Moisturising Body Lotion every time after shower or bath, or after being out in the sun. Apply on arms and legs and all over the body. Skin Compatibility Dermatological Approved.

 My review:-  This is a GREAT product for daily use. It actually recovers your skin from dullness and dryness due to winters. My skin looks smooth and youthful.  I  use   Nivea Moisturising Body Lotion every time I go out because it has a perfect formulation for skin rejuvenation and renewal and  doesn’t give you sticky feeling. This product penetrates deep into your skin and  keeps it hydrate. Nivea Moisturising Body Lotion helps a lot in every way.This certainly has come out as one of my best body lotion

*Nivea lotion keep your skin hydrate leave it soft & smooth.

*Great fragrance which stay throughout the day.

*It is rich but not greasy and is absorbed quickly.

*It got a nice creamy texture which actually makes your skin supple.

Cons :-

*There is nothing bad about this product.


Worth a buy:- Yes, will buy it again.

Rating: – 5/5

Recommendation: – This product is good for normal and sensitive skin.

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  1. did u asked me?
    i think old one used to come in navy blue colored tin container (bt it is nt discontinued by nevea either)
    i use nevea soft that comes in white plastic tub.
    My recent post DELHI 6

  2. Yup, I use the blue bottle too. Stash it in my purse – quickly use it when my hands/face are feeling dry. Its very good. Have seen my mother and even grandmother using Nivea products and the smell makes me very nostalgic !


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