Top Body Polishers To Use On Flaky/Dry Skin This Winter Season


Top Body Polishers To Use On Flaky/Dry Skin This Winter Season

Winters are spine chilly during the last month of the year and most of use believe in layering ourselves with multiple items like body warmers, pullovers jackets, trench coats and all. I am sure many of you might have noticed that in spite of using many after bath moisturizers, somehow the skin is always dry & flaky when you get rid of those layers of clothing while going for a shower or while going to bed! Well, it might be because you are not exfoliating your body skin enough and all the body butters you are using might just not be enough to treat the dry flaky skin on the skin! So, lets checkout the best picks for Top Body Polishers To Use On Flaky/Dry Skin This Winter Season

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body-scrub diy

So why not get rid of that dryness and get a smoother skin so that all the fragrant body butters you have got for winters are more effective on the skin without any flaky layer! 🙂

fruit and sugar body scrub

So, here I have some best suggestions of body polishers/ exfoliators which you can buy for yourself to use in these coming months of winter & I have a DIY recipe as well to share with you all in case you love using ingredients from your kitchen to take care of your skin!

Here we go! 🙂

The Body Shop Body Polish Strawberry & Satsuma

Buy it from here

Price– INR 675 for 200ml

the body shop body polish

These body polishes are perfect to use on dry & flaky skin which is very common phenomenon during the winters and is a quick fix for the skin. You just need to use it during the shower along with warm water and you can literally feel your skin to be smooth just after your are out of the shower!

Body shop cranberry body polish reviews+Body shop body polish reviews

Follow up with a good body butter to lock in the moisture and you will get hooked on these polishers every time you use!

Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi Oh-So-Polished Body Scrub

Price– INR 425

This body polish scrub is very good for dry skin as it not only removes the dead skin but also nourishes the dryness of the skin. It moisturizes the skin & lathers very less because it is mainly a soap-free product. The scrub is very gentle and sensitive skin will thoroughly enjoy the gentle treat! 🙂

Brillare Chocolate Face & Body Scrub

Buy it from here

Price– INR 475 for 100g

brillare chocolate scrub

An absolute treat for chocolate lovers, this body polish scrub is an absolute delight for the winter skin which is very dry & flaky! It consists of walnut as a main ingredient which is known to have polishing effect on the skin and the goodness of chocolate keeps the skin soft & smooth.

FabIndia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub

Buy It from here

Price– INR 390 for 100ml

FabIndia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub

The consistency is of a thin gel with very fine granule particles and rose petals scattered along. If you want to buy a scrub just to flake off your dead dry skin then this might not be the best option for you because of the natural ingredients in it and also because it is quite affordable!

The Body Shop Honeymania Creme Body Scrub

Buy It from here

Price: INR 1195 for 200ml (I got it at a 30% discount during Diwali)

the body shop creme body scrub

This exfoliating body scrub has a rich, floral scent. I absolutely loved using this body scrub. While I was in Delhi, the extreme winters made my skin super dry and because I was studying full time, I hardly had enough time for these things and its then I got this body scrub! It gently sweeps away dead skin cells to leave skin feeling silky soft.

DIY Body Polish/ Body Scrub

diy body polish

Last but not least, I recently shared this recipe with Anamika and I will be sharing it again here as well!

DIY Body Polisher

Ingredients needed-

  • Sugar (white or brown)- 2tbsp
  • Rice Flour- 2tbsp
  • Coconut powder (grated coconut)- 2tbsp
  • Gram Flour- 2tbsp
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- 2tbsp
  • Gulaab Jal ( Rise Water)- 2-3tbsp

DIY Coconut body polish


  • It is very easy. Just mix everything together in a plastic bowl which you take to the bathroom. Mix it well with a spoon and use it on wet skin! It is a very exfoliating on the skin so use it generously on the body parts including elbows, knees!

DIY Body scrub for dry skin

  • It is easily washed off with warm water during winters and doesn’t leave the skin dry or stretchy unlike some body scrubs!
  • Keeps the skin soft & removes the dry flaky skin away! 🙂

diy body scrub

Hope you find these suggestions useful! Do try & share your thoughts on the DIY as well!

Have you tried any of these Body Polishers?


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