Body Polishing – Easy way to do skin polishing at home

 By Sunita,

Your very own spa treatment!!!!

Soft and glowing skin  – If you have tried body polishing in a spa then you must be knowing about the nice fresh glow which body polishing gives to your skin. How about doing body polishing without spending thousands and even taking the treatment a step further from removing dead skin cells to even out your skin tone? Manual skin polishing can be done right in your home and you don’t need many things also for that.

 Body polishing is normally done by a skin specialist who uses natural abrasive products and works into the skin with various massaging, scrubbing and rubbing motion. If done properly it leaves your skin relaxed and revitalized. This can be done at home also and it is a wonderful treatment for those who crave for baby soft skin.

 Following items are required for skin polishing:-

1.    Polishing body cloth(The Body Shop makes a good durable exfoliating wash cloth)

2.    Pumice stone

3.    Pure olive oil

4.    Homemade body scrub or any scrub which suits your skin.

Lets start with face polish first

Moisten your skin by washing it with warm water first and  use a gentle exfoilant and start rubbing in circular motion .Avoid your eye areas and if you have acne prone skin then do not be harsh with your acne.

Coming to body polish Generate some steam in your bathroom by opening hot water tap. Now rub pure olive oil all over your body and massage whole of your body for 10 minutes at least. This moisturize and condition the skin and will make polishing easier and gentle too.

 Now apply a gentle sugar scrub with a polishing cloth in circular motion.

 Now use pumice stone on rough areas such as knees, heels and elbows.

Now gently pat dry your skin with a towel and apply facial moisturizer on your skin and a light body cream.

When you are doing this do not go outside without a sunscreen on.

You can do this twice a week for effective skin polishing.

Body polishing leaves your skin energized and pampered however if you are suffering from fever or other skin related disease it is advisable to not to go for this treatment.If you have sunburn then do not consider this treatment until it is full recovered.

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  1. great article Sunita..i though don follow all these things but i am regular with my scrubbing and face massages..:)

    I haven't tried any body polishing scrub as such …

  2. hai,i have one serious problem i.e unwanted hair all over my there any natural solution for permanent removing of unwanted hair.please tell me any solution.

  3. Hi need your help in my case. My face is Oily and my body is very Dry. I used a moisturizing cream but it is not usefull. And my hands, Legs and Back has become dark doesnt match my face skin though it is not exposed to sun. let me know if Skin Polishing helps for my dry skin. And also let me know what all is required and how to do that.


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