Body Polishing Suggestions


Is there any easy idea of Body Polishing ? Do you believe in doing it at home or prefer it getting it done outside?


Body polishing suggestions


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  1. i lov d idea of body polishing but i do it at home.. i luv using Iraya Enlivening Sugar Body m planning to get d tbs strawberry one :-))

  2. i prefer doing it at home and i swear by natural loofahs…for instance the one u get with Revayur shower gels. I got mine before my wedding from some random place. I wanted to make sure it really works so I used it in the shower on just one arm and washed the other normally. The difference was simply remarkable!! My skin was glowinggg :yippee:

  3. I don’t do it very often, my skin cannot stand a lot of scrubs or scrubbing… gets all red! But every once in a while scrubbing keeps your skin happy :-))

  4. I try to be regular with scrubbing..the last i used was Lotus kiwi scrub..loved it πŸ™‚ its ver mild n has a pleasant fragnance..also i use a loofa to scrub my body during bath. πŸ™‚

  5. not sure hw many of u wud agree with what I use but never mind it works for me and what I use is Pumice Stone

    Yes on the hair wash days when my body is totally soaked up and wet I use Pumice Stone for scrubbing on my hands, legs and feet. It works amazingly well in removing dirt in a minute. I get shocked to see the dirt that comes from my hands owing to the sunscreens and the exposure to pollution.

    Ofcourse later I follow up with moisturizer

    but scrub v lightly with pumice stone

      • I pick up pumice stones from a local super market don’t remember the label as the current one I am using was purchased almost an year bak

        I just pick up checking the looks of it. One side will usually be v rough to use for feet and other a bit smooth

        I use the smoother side on body πŸ™‚

  6. oh you can use sugar + salt at home for body polishing and I totally swear by it….it makes my skin glowing and its my all time fav DIY which I suggest to everyone πŸ˜€ if you can get raw sugar and rock salt, all the more better…I prefer to do it in the privacy of my home.

  7. at my mums salon she used a sugar scrub 4 brides. one recipe was half tsp sugar n 1 tps olive oil for smooth skin – removal of dead skin n callouses. used all over the body except face. for tan removal she’d grate a tomato n put sugar in that n scrub. lemon juice optional. so 1 tsp of tomato pulp n 1tps sugar…enjoy smooth glowing skin…


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