Body Shop bath gloves review

I  heard so much about these gloves from fellow bloggers as well as from  friends that I had to give it a try.When it comes to bath brushes,  Body shop  gives its users a lot of variety.When ever I go to their shop I feel like picking up all their  bath scrubs such as toning scrub soap and body focus cellulite massage.
Available in variety of colors these bath gloves  helps in removing dead skin cells and increase the leather of your body wash with exfoliating mitts.It is made up of elasticated and woven nylon matieral which is meant to provide intense exfoliation.
Price- Rs 255 for a pair
*Great for exfoliation first I thought they might be too harsh but I am actually liking the fabric.
*When you rub it on your skin you do not feel irritating .Otherwise with most of the market scrubs you do feel as if you are damaging your skin.
*Though it is supposed to be used 2-3 times a week but I use it every alternate day.This is because I feel as if all the dirt , dead skin gets removed easily by this.
*I have been using this on my skin since five six months and my skin feel smooth and soft.
*These gloves will fit any hand size and they are pretty easy to maintain as well.There is a loop on each gloves and therefore it is easy to hang them.
*It is so easy to use them and the process of exfoliation is quiet quick too. Just pour a small amount of body wash onto the gloves and rub over the body in circular movements.That is it.It will hardly take 5 minutes.
*I have combination oily skin and I suffer from blackhead and white heads problem.I use the gloves on my nose and chin .This clears out my blackheads and white heads easily but this I have started only after the gloves have softened up.Please do not use it on your face.A light run on the nose and chin is enough and it is not for sensitive skin at all.
*Long use of this product will slower down your hair growth as well. First I use to body wax in one month and now I do it once in 40-45 days.
All in all I have no complaints about the product.It is neither to week nor too harsh for my skin only thing is you have to maintain the gloves pretty well as it get dirty very easily.
You can wash it in washing machine if you want .I generally put it in genteel which is used to wash delicate clothes for 10-20 minutes and wash it with my hands.

Have you tried Body Shop Bath Gloves?



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