Body Shop Blue Corn Mask Review


By Priti,

Body Shop Blue Corn  3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask Review

In my previous review Body Shop’s Nettle Oil Balance Shampoo I talk about my oily hair, so cause of oily hair my face also gets oily.  As everyone I have tried many things too, home remedies work best but in our busy life we tends to go for instant products where we don’t have to prepare/mix anything.  It’s not really we have so busy life that we can’t spend little time on ourself but rather we get plain lazy ..ya that’s right let’s admit it.  OK I will admit that I get lazy doing the this kind of stuff or perhaps I get bored of it and thus comes the beauty product for our my rescue.

Yeh dil mange more! and so we have Body Shop’s Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask.

Body Shop Deep cleansing mask review

Product ~ Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Mask

For Skin Type ~ For Oily/Normal Skin

Price ~ SGD 29.90 or INR 1095 for 100ml

~~The good news is now you can get it for Rs. 745 🙂

Product Claim~ A 3-in-1 mask that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises the skin in one easy step. It leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and balanced.

Body Shop 3in1 deep cleansing  mask

My Experience ~

The product claims to be a cleanser, scrub and mask .all in one.  And the main ingredients are kaolin clay – for oil absorption and blue corn – for exfoliation (that’s how we get the mask in blue colour).  The mask is sticky with a strong smell, all may not like the smell as it’s pity strong.

How to apply ~ Instructions says to use it on clean and dry face but I prefer to wash and keep my face little wet and then apply a thin layer (you can go with thick layer too) and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

How to Clean ~ If you want to clean the face direct over running tap then it will take longer time and lot of water as it exfoliation.  As recommended in the pack use circular motion to remove the mask and use a wash cloth or use wet cotton/sponge.  I dampen my mask, scrub it gently and wash off.

My skin feels smooth and clean instantly after using the cleansing face pack.  It also removes dead skin and pores are cleaned (what a relief).  Mask seems to absorb oil from skin too and skin feels very soft.

Cons ~ I have oily/combination skin and since I use product for oily skin my cheeks are getting dry day by day and that’s comes the problem, on dry or damage skin one might feel tingle or burning sensation, some time you might get red or irritated skin.   Also the mask smell can be a put off for some people &  I didn’t like in particular too.

If you have sensitive skin then be CAREFUL with this Body Shop Mask the result may not be as you want.

I would say this product works good for oily skin.  If you have combination, normal, dry or sensitive skin then be cautious.  If you want to still try the product then you might go the body shop and ask the sale person if this product will suit your skin type but do not just take one sale person answer as yes.  Normally if I am not sure of a production I ask the same question to sale person in 2 or 3 different shop to understand different people opinion, so you can do the same as make and go to different body shop OR ask for sample product.  Body shop do provide their product sample, you can get those and try it if it’s works for you then go ahead.

Have you tried Body Shop any Body Shop Scrub or any Body Shop Mask ?

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    • Yea, my hubby thinks this is an unhealthy obsession – unhealthy for the bank balance – that is.

      In my defence, I write a beauty blog – all day I’m tempted by new launches & rave reviews. What can a girl with normal will power do? :struggle:

      • :rotfl: :rotfl:

        unhealthy obsession..i always tell my husband that i try to look beautiful so that i can look my best in front of him :rotfl: :rotfl:

  1. @Anamika …it will last you a year or may be little less than that …

    @Mitra2 ..if you have dry skin you can avoid it ..but if you still want to a try ..go for sample first..

  2. Hey Priti ,are you sure that TBS provides a product sample??Once I had aasked for it,they said they dont give(although it happened 6 months ago).

    Thanx for the review ,BTW.

    • The Body Shop store in malad also doesn’t provide samples – they have open containers though – that you can try in the store. But they don’t give samples to take home & try. 😐

  3. @ Sonam and Tanveer…ohh, am not sure if they provide in India but they sure do in Singapore or atleast for the card member.
    Personally I have never asked for any sample from them but my friend got lot of sample…it comes in a very cute small tub, and she is body shop member too.

    But I did got some few free products sample from them when they introduce the product. You gals can just ask for the sample, you never know you might get harm in trying rite 🙂

    Or as Tanveer says try it on the store..but trying mask will be a difficult tasks rite.:)


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